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Terrible Email Signature Designs


By Exclaimer

Getting the design of an email signature right can be tricky, but it’s also very easy to get it wrong. Sending an email with a badly designed email signature can reflect badly on you and your company.

Below are 7 examples of terrible email signature designs to show you what your signature should not look like:

1. Multiple fonts, sizes and colors

An example of a terrible email signature design

Avoid using lots of different fonts, colors and sizes like in this example. We recommend using a maximum of 1 font size and 2 font colors in your email signature that stick to your brand guidelines.

2. Badly ordered content

Badly ordered content in an email signature

When creating an email signature, the content must be ordered in a logical way. Placing the logo and your name in the middle of the signature does not make sense. When designing the signature, create a hierarchy for contact details – think about what information your contacts would want to see first.

3. Giant social media icons

Social media icons in an email signature should be small

This is an example of a poor design because the social media icons take up the majority of room in the signature. The social media icons should not be the focal point of an email signature, it should be the company logo. This will ensure your brand is instantly recognized by your contacts.

4. Lots of hyperlinks

An email signature shouldn’t include lots of links

Using lots of hyperlinks in an email signature looks messy and isn’t necessary when you can use HTML images instead. In this example, the links can be replaced with social media icons or a promotional banner for the sale items.

5. Too many images

This email signature contains too many images

This example features too many images which distracts from the contact details. Limit the amount of social media icons, awards and certificates you include in your signature so it does not look overcrowded.

6. Large disclaimer

Use a small font size for an email disclaimer

Many companies legally have to use a disclaimer, which can often be quite long. If you have to use a long disclaimer in your email signature, make sure the text is a small size so it doesn’t take up lots of room.

7. No spacing between images and text

No spacing in an email signature looks cluttered

This email signature with no spacing (also known as padding) is an example of terrible signature design because the content looks squashed. By adding spacing between the signature contents, you’ll ensure that the contact details are easy to read.

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