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Keep an Email Signature Banner Relevant

An out-of-date email signature banner can damage your brand.

Do you groan every time yet another marketing email arrives in your inbox? How many of them do you actually open and read? There are few things more irritating than receiving loads of email communications you’re not interested in or do not fulfil your business needs.

This is why including an email signature banner on all external mails is a great marketing strategy. Email is where you already communicate with everyone your organization knows, so adding a campaign banner - a strip of graphical detail placed under the rest of the signature - guarantees that it will reach a large audience. These recipients will likely see this banner at a time when they are interested in your company as they will already be talking to you. The potential ROI on an email signature banner can be immense if used correctly.

However, using a banner becomes pointless if it is not updated regularly. Like any other marketing campaign, timing and strategy are everything. You won’t promote products you no longer sell or advertise offers that have expired via any other marketing channel, so why would you with your email signature? You may have won the “Best Company Award” in 2011, but does anyone really care now? It’s more likely to give recipients a negative impression of your brand if you're still talking about an award you won so long ago.

An email signature banner promoting an out-of-date award.

Another good example where email signature banner timing is important is promoting special offers or highlighting your opening times over a holiday season like Christmas. Once it reaches 1st January, your banner is out-of-date. If you forget to take it down, you're going to look pretty stupid if you’re still using it in March. Something like this will make people think you’re inattentive and don’t care about your messaging. It might seem minor, but this can have more of an impact on your brand than you might think.

Familiarity can definitely breed contempt when you use the same email signature banner for months at a time. When people see something repeatedly, boredom will inevitably set in. Think of the banner advertising you see online. What is your normal reaction when you see the same promotional banner repeatedly? You get tired of seeing it and may even feel annoyed.

Now, think how many emails your organization sends a day. Think how many recipients are seeing the same email signature banner over a long period of time. Don’t you think they might get tired of seeing the same graphic every time they email you? How will they view your brand if you keep saying the same thing over and over again? It’s actually possible they’ll even avoid communicating with you over email altogether. An extreme reaction, but these things are known to happen! Remember, marketing campaigns only ever work if they stay fresh, so you need to apply the same thinking in your use of email signature banners.

An email signature banner promoting an expired offer.

Automate campaign banners with a dedicated solution

Email signature software and solutions make the whole process of managing campaign banners a lot easier than if try to do it manually. You can set a banner to run for a set period of time and then automatically remove/update it when you want. With this level of control, your recipients won’t ever tire of your messaging.

You also never have to rely on your end users keeping their signatures updated. If you have an end-of-year discount, do you honestly think everyone will update their email signature with a new banner or take it down when the sale is over? Only using a third-party solution can automate this process and ensure everyone gets the right signature at the right time. You can even set it so that a banner only ever appears once in an email chain, so conversations never get flooded with too much graphical content.

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