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Tracking Link Clicks in Email Signatures


By Exclaimer

Do you track link clicks on display ads or email newsletters? What about email signatures? If your organization uses branded email signatures that include a hyperlinked company logo or promotional banner, it only makes sense that you should track these too.

Track email signature promotional banner link clicks

Why should you track link clicks in email signatures?

Think of a corporate email signature as a free tool that drives traffic to your website and social media channels. Tracking link clicks in email signatures can be done easily by using linked social media icons, promotional banners and hyperlinks.

Companies that send thousands of emails a day will no doubt have many recipients clicking the links in the sender’s email signature, and if these link clicks aren’t tracked, it’ll be hard to determine which banners and links are most effective.

Promotional banners used in emails signatures as part of a marketing campaign are just as important to track as any other advertising channel, particularly if you are A/B testing. Adding tracking URLs to your email signature marketing campaigns will allow you to evaluate how successful the campaign has been, and whether or not you should continue to use that banner or create a new one.

How can you track link clicks?

Depending on the analytics platform you are using, there will be the ability to create campaign tracking URLs. In Google Analytics, for example, you can create a campaign URL with their Campaign URL Builder.

Within Google’s Campaign URL Builder, you will choose custom parameters, often known as UTM tags. The UTM tags are what you will use to identify the traffic source within Google Analytics.

The different parameters are:

  • utm_source: Use this to define where the traffic came from, e.g. email_signature_banner;
  • utm_medium: This identifies the medium, e.g. email;
  • utm_campaign: Typically the name of the campaign, such as a product promotion, e.g. exclaimer_cloud_demo;
  • utm_term: Use this for paid ads to define the keyword, e.g. email_signature_trial (optional);
  • utm_content: Use this for A/B testing and content-targeted ads, e.g. link1 (optional).

We advise keeping the same UTM source and medium tags the same across all email signature marketing campaigns, to make it easy to track and measure consistently.

Seeing the data in Google Analytics

Once the campaign is over, you can analyze the data in Google Analytics. Login to your account and go to Acquisition > Campaigns > All Campaigns.

Use Google Analytics to track email signature link clicks

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