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How to Use Exclaimer for Yammer & Teams


By Exclaimer

Loryan Strant

Guest Article
Loryan Strant - Microsoft MVP

Both Microsoft Teams and Yammer allow you to send emails in to channels and groups respectively – allowing for easier sharing and conversations about emails. This can be useful in the scenario of “I have received this email; how should I respond?” or FYI’s that don’t get lost in mailboxes.

The problem

In many organisations the email signature is still applied on the sender’s device (be it Outlook on the desktop, mobile or web), so when sending emails in to Teams or Yammer the entire body of the email carries through, signature and all.

What we end up with is this:


Email signatures in Microsoft Teams


Email signatures in Yammer

This fills up both Teams and Yammer with noise and isn’t really appealing to scroll through.

For Yammer this is already addressed by simply putting a double-dash ( -- ) before any content that you don’t want to flow through such as an email signature. The challenge here is that it needs to be applied either by the user or as part of the signature. And if it is part of the signature – when someone forwards an email through the double-dash will exclude the contents of that as well as the signature.

The fix

With Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for Office 365, signatures are applied as the email travels through the Exchange Online service based on a rule. This means we can avoid the signature being applied based on certain conditions such as domains. The process is actually quite simple for both Teams and Yammer.

Getting the email address from Microsoft Teams

By clicking on the dots to the right of any channel in any Team you will get the option to Get email address.

Get email address in Teams

A popup will appear with the full SMTP address of the Team.

Full SMTP address in Teams.

NOTE: the domain is specific to region, so you might want to use the full or just go with – your decision.

Getting the email address from Yammer

In Yammer, to the right of any group under the ACCESS OPTIONS heading is Post to this group by email.

Post to this group by email in Yammer

That will pop up and give you a SMTP address, but unlike Teams it is not region-specific.

Non-region specific SMTP address in Yammer

Applying the Exchange rule

In the Exchange Control Panel click on Mail Flow and then Rules. Edit the “Identify messages to send to Exclaimer Cloud” rule.

Exchange admin center mail flow

At the very bottom of the pop-up click on add exception.

Identify message to send to Exclaimer Cloud

Select The recipient > domain is

The recipient domain is

Type in the names you want to exclude signatures for, hit the + after each, and then press OK.

Specify domain

You should now have the additional line in your rule set.

Additional line rule

Make sure you hit Save on your updated rule. The changes should be relatively instant.

Your emails to both Teams and Yammer will now be significantly cleaner and succinct.


Cleaner email signatures in Microsoft Teams


Cleaner email signatures in Yammer

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