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Including an Email Address in Email Signatures?


By Exclaimer

Choosing contact details to include in a corporate email signature is usually fairly straightforward. You’ll obviously want to include your full name, job title, at least one telephone number and your office address, but what about an email address?

“What’s the point?”, you might think, when your email address will appear on the email anyway. Well, that’s not always the case.

Some mail clients, such as Outlook 2016, only show a display name in the header, and not an email address, so if your email is forwarded on then your email address might not be visible to the recipient.

By simply adding your email address to your email signature, you can ensure your email address will always appear on the email thread.

Email signature with an email address

If you do decide to include your email address in your email signature, don’t forget to add a ‘mailto:’ link (e.g. mailto:[email protected]), so the recipient can easily send you a direct email without having to copy and paste your email address into a new email.

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