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Should you use a Personal Email Signature?


By Exclaimer

Corporate email signatures are used for a variety of reasons, such as promoting social channels or complying with legal disclaimer laws, but what can a personal email signature be used for? We’ve listed a few examples below.

Job hunting

A lot of people use a personal email signature for job hunting, as it can help you come across as professional. It’s also a great way to quickly display your contact information, so recruiters and employers know the best ways to contact you. You can also add a LinkedIn icon so recruiters can have a quick glance at your work history.

Example of an email signature suitable for job hunting

Student signature

Whether you’re just starting your degree, or you’ve just finished it, a student signature is another example of what a personal email signature can be used for. Whether you’re using it while contacting employers for a summer internship or when emailing someone for a quote in an essay, a student email signature can have a positive impact.

Check out these tips for what you should include in a student email signature.


Personal email signatures are particularly useful if you are a freelancer either seeking an opportunity or liaising with a contact for your work. If you are a freelancer with your own website or online portfolio, you can easily link to it in an email signature.

Example of a freelancer email signature

Online content creator

If you’re an online content creator who, for example, runs a blog or a YouTube channel, you might be likely to get in contact with brands for sponsored content opportunities. By using an email signature, you come across as a credible person, and you can directly include a link to your blog and social media pages.

Example of an online content creator email signature

Need help creating a signature?

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