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Logos in Email Signatures


By Exclaimer

If your company is looking to add consistent signatures to your emails, adding your company logo to the email signature can be beneficial for many reasons. But what is the best way to use it? What size should the logo be? Check out our tips below on email signature logos.

Types of logos – how to use

If your logo features an icon and the company name alongside it, such as in the examples below, we recommend using the full logo in email signatures on new emails and then use the icon in signatures for reply/internal emails.

If your company uses a logo without an icon, where the name is incorporated into the logo such as below, we recommend using it on both the full email signature and reply/internal signatures.

Logo size

Make sure that the logo isn’t overpowering the other email signature elements, your logo shouldn’t be more than 140x50 pixels.

To ensure the size of your logo doesn’t change, resize the image to the correct dimensions before you add it to your email signature. Even if you have made logo size smaller in the code, some email clients will ignore that and revert the logo back to the original dimensions.

For more hints and tips on including images, such as logos, in email signatures, check out our guide on HTML images.

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