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The Market Need for 1-Click Email Signature Surveys


By Exclaimer

A 1-click email signature survey

It takes hard work to acquire customers. This is why you want to retain their business for as long as possible. Measuring customer satisfaction and responding to negative signals is a critical business process. Capturing positive reviews and harnessing brand advocates has therefore become very important to business growth.

The Difficulties in Obtaining Customer Feedback

For many organizations, the main way to obtain important feedback is via long-form customer satisfaction surveys. However, these are very reactive and often out-of-step with how customers experience your products or services. They’re unfocused and the response rates are incredibly poor at less than 2 percent.

Incentivising surveys also don’t improve response rates. If you’re giving every respondent a $5 gift card, you’re not inviting honesty. A customer can easily provide any random answer for a small reward. This means the data you obtain is not necessarily accurate, which can lead to misinformed business decisions.

But if it’s so difficult to get customer feedback, why go to all the effort? Because the risk of customer churn is enormous, and you end up having no visibility of this until it's too late. You'll also see your overall CSAT scores plummet, meaning you'll have to spend more money to gain new customers.

  • Only 1 in 26 unhappy customers actually make a complaint.
  • 92% of customers will completely abandon a company after two or three negative interactions.
  • 80% of customers consider their experience with a company to be as important as its products.
  • Companies who act well on feedback have twice the engagement score of those that don’t.

However, if you only send one survey a year, you’re not going to get an accurate picture of how customers feel about your brand. The infrequency of long surveys and low response rates result in a limited snapshot of customer sentiment.

At the same time, consumer behaviour has now shifted towards instant feedback opportunities. Leading brands such as Uber and Amazon want to know how customers feel during every interaction, not as a one off. They can accurately ascertain how people feel about them in real-time by giving all customers the option to provide instant feedback at any point in the customer journey.

Instant digital feedback across various channels.

The Continued Importance of Corporate Email

With the increasing shift to remote working, email has become an even more important customer engagement tool. In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic has sparked an estimated 44 percent increase in global email traffic.

Every industry has relied heavily on email since 2020. Retailers have relied on email for everything from product launches through to returns processing. Lawyers have used email for carrying essential digitally-signed documents and contracts. Businesses have used email to plan out tasks and keep employees in the loop.

Email has been the backbone on which business has continued. We might all meet on Zoom, but we transact and communicate through email in volumes never seen before.

But how can you use this critical communications channel to bring customers closer, increase value, and keep them satisfied? By adding a simple 1-click survey to all corporate email signatures sent by your company.

Key Benefits of 1-Click Email Signature Surveys

Using 1-click CSAT surveys in email signatures allows customers to express feedback in a way that’s convenient for them. Email signatures get delivered where marketing emails get blocked, making them the perfect place to ask for real-time customer feedback.

This can then be used to inform all manner of business improvements including the customer experience itself. 1-click email signature surveys bring:

  • A total view of customer satisfaction at key points in the buying journey
  • A visible sign of dedication to customer feedback and service
  • An early warning system that pinpoints dissatisfied customers so you can prevent churn
1-click email signature surveys on different devices.

High response rates

1-click feedback buttons embedded in email signatures make it quick and painless for customers to leave feedback. This in turn drives higher response rates and therefore more accurate and representative data to inform business decisions.

Trusted communication

Customers tend to ignore automated emails requesting them to fill out an online survey. They’re even less likely to answer questions over the phone or in person.

For companies who deal directly with customers through email, it’s highly likely that the customer recognizes them as a trusted source. Offering customers the opportunity to provide feedback via an email signature makes them more willing to give insight into their experience.

Amplifying volume

Regular email communications to customers increases the exposure of any email signature survey. This in turn increases response rates, turning email signatures into a channel that easily scales with your business needs. So, the more emails your organization sends, the higher the volume of surveys responses will be. At the same time, you’re also showing a clear commitment to exceptional customer service and experience.

Closed-loop feedback

Capturing associated data-points with any survey responses enables more effective action to be taken. For example, an email signature survey can be integrated with internal communications tools like Slack or your CRM. When a poor customer rating is received, custom alerts can be sent to the customer support team so action can be taken immediately.

Agility and flexibility

1-click email signature surveys can be easily tailored and optimized to drive better response rates. By obtaining real-time feedback, unhappy customers can be immediately responded to. This reduces the chance of churn and further negative reviews appearing on social media.

Integrating 1-Click Surveys with Email Signatures

With the winning combination of Exclaimer Cloud and Customer Thermometer, you can deploy effective 1-click email signature surveys in 10 minutes. By bringing together email signature management and surveys, you can trigger real-time customer feedback from every corporate email sent. The combined feature-set is far stronger than any competing vendors, providing:

  • Easier survey integration into email
  • Easier distribution of surveys
  • Better control over survey deployment
  • Fully integrated management of custom imagery for consistent and professional surveys
  • Enriched reporting through out-of-the-box data integration
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