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The Top 8 Black Friday Email Signatures

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Originating in the United States in the 1960s, Black Friday is a day when many organizations offer significant discounts and promotions on their merchandise to kick off their holiday sales. This is why we see Black Friday email signatures as an essential marketing tool for your seasonal promotions.

The importance of Black Friday

There are several explanations for the origins of Black Friday. What is not disputed is that Black Friday is the first major shopping event after Thanksgiving and officially kicks off the holiday season leading up to Christmas and New Year.

For organizations of all sizes, this means promoting significant discounts and limited-time offers to drive increased sales up to the end of the year. Online retailers tend to also offer sales up to the following Monday, popularly known as Cyber Monday.

Black Friday always leads to fierce competition among businesses as they fight to get their promotions in front of as many customers as possible. But one of the best marketing channels to promote these special offers is often the most underutilized; business email. And this is through the use of a Black Friday email signature template.

Using Black Friday email signatures in your marketing mix

Your email signature is a snapshot of your business. It’s the first thing recipients see when they open an email, so it should be engaging and informative.

Black Friday email signatures offer the perfect opportunity to promote your special offers and promotions for free. They work in tandem with your other marketing activities but use a channel that receives a high amount of engagement, which is your everyday corporate email.

Keep in mind that no matter what kind of deal or promotion you offer, make sure it is consistent with what else you’re doing throughout the year, i.e., don’t just send emails about Black Friday sales, then disappear for months. This way, customers know what to expect from interacting with your brand!

Examples of Black Friday email signatures

If you’re looking for some inspiration on how you can get creative with your email signature this Black Friday season, here are eight examples that we think do it best:

Black Friday email signature template - 50% discount
Black Friday email signature template - themed banner
Black Friday email signature template - yellow banner
Black Friday email signature template - banner and award
Black Friday email signature template - small banner
Black Friday email signature template - graphic and code
Black Friday email signature template - large discount graphic
Black Friday email signature template - timely promotional banner

Make designing and managing Black Friday email signatures easy

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