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The 7 Benefits of Email Signature Software Solutions

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Why use email signatures?

Email is the one place you can guarantee total alignment with your market. Many organizations rely on the substantial rapport between their workforce and their contacts whether they’re customers or suppliers. Email signatures are the only way to leverage that connection for marketing benefits.

Email signature software makes signature management simple.
Create great signature designs with email signature software.

However, the only way to control signatures effectively is with email signature software. You’re not just hoping your users will do it themselves or asking them to copy your email signature template. You’re not bargaining on IT wandering around the office pasting a new email signature template into Outlook or tinkering with your essential email systems.

You control the design conveniently and cheaply. It remains consistent on every email, even when you’re changing it to keep up with your evolving and reacting strategy. Your email signature becomes a high-volume and low-cost marketing channel.

Learn more about how email signature software solutions can benefit you below.

1. Make email signature updates convenient

Using a manual method to update professional email signatures is never easy. Whether you’re asking IT for hours about their input or sifting through messages for errors in the email signature template, they all pose a hefty demand on time.

If you can’t make email signature updates convenient to do, you’re never going to use them to their maximum business benefit. You will soon tire of updating them.

Email signature solutions make it possible to carry out convenient email signature updates.

It’s daunting conducting a mass load of updates without email signature software. That’s why so many signature templates end up in a state of disrepair; no one wants to tackle this task. When it can take weeks to set up one email signature, the initial cost far outweighs the benefits.

Of course, another issue here is IT resistance. Marketing may require several cycles of reviews before the email signature is approved. IT may not be ready for that and might become frustrated at the changes requested.

Email signature software makes signature updates happen quickly for all.

Don’t forget that the end user will also be hit by the inconvenience of manual email signature updates. They don’t want to have to stop working just to copy and paste a signature template. It’s too much hassle for them.

However, when it is possible to conduct email signature updates conveniently, Marketing can explore the value of the signature. This can include the use of social media icons to increase followers, adding marketing banners to promote an event, etc.

As soon as you save your email signature template, every single user will have a consistent design. This is across all devices including mobiles and Macs. The inconvenience of managing email signature templates is no longer an obstacle when using an email signature solution.

2. Control email signatures with software

Email signature software solutions allow you to easily control email signatures.

With an email signature software solution, you always have full control, not an unrelated department or the uninterested end user.

Email signature solutions give you control over which employee gets which signature version. This lets you create separate messages for different departments, ensuring they correspond to different parts of the customer journey.

The added value of using email signature software is turning every employee’s email into a marketing tool. Without some control, you can’t do that. If it’s an individual’s piece of collateral, they might not remember to consider higher level business aims like reinforcing brand awareness or communicating marketing messages.

Two common reasons for email signature control do not spring to mind at first, which are disagreement and disillusionment.

The first is that some will always think that the official email signature template is not as good as their own design. They’ll make changes or create their own ‘personalized’ email signatures. Whether each employee copies and pastes their crude signature designs into their email client or IT uses a custom script, you invite another group to meddle with the original signature template.

The second is that with each change or correction you ask end users to make, they’ll take your email signature updates less seriously. Whether it’s IT doing it for you or every user, they’re exposed to every phase of the review and revision process. Just like you would put off external contacts with a poorly designed signature template, colleagues may question if your organization can get anything right.

If you can't control email signatures, you can't control their benefits.

With central control via email signature software, this is not a concern. As you’re editing signatures directly, you don’t need to depend on another team to enact changes. IT can still be involved in setting up the solution. However, they won’t have to worry about the signature design or strategic changes, which they tend to dislike.

3. Capture data in email signatures easily

Third-party email signature software lets you capture data in email signatures, giving you the same insights that you get from other digital marketing channels.

For example, you can add a ‘custom variable’ to every link in each user’s email signature. This could be unique to each employee or even a recipient. You can then track the success of these in Google Analytics.

Having the ability to capture data in email signatures will give your marketing a boost.

If the sales team’s emails generate more clicks than the account management’s, prospects might be more engaged than your customers. You know which sales staff deal with which type of client, so maybe you could infer what large organizations want and what smaller firms don’t.

Create a dedicated campaign where you capture data in email signatures.

Now here’s where you customize that follow-up strategy. Email signature solutions can log when a contact clicks in your CRM or marketing automation system. You can even make a point of following up contacts who click a particular link.

Ask that client if they want to try the product they clicked on or attend the event in the banner they saw. As you’ve linked up their identity with their interaction, you can have your staff act on the page visit in a timely, targeted manner.

By now, it should be clear that being able to capture data in email signatures is important. This is impossible to do with manual resources and can only be done with an email signature solution.

4. Quickly change email signatures with software

Having the ability to change email signatures makes software and services a valuable proposition.

Marketing is defined by change, so marketing strategy must constantly keep up. Being able to change email signatures must also be part of this. In many ways, they’re ideal for agile marketers.

Whether it’s the emergence of a new social media platform or the launch of a new campaign, what you put in your signature may need to change quickly. Well, at least, too quickly to wait while every email signature in the company is manually updated.

You’ll also use time-based marketing campaigns at some point, whether you want to promote an event or use a Christmas-themed design. If the email signature template becomes out-of-date, recipients might think it looks unprofessional.

When your business details change, you’ll need to make sure your email signature reflects these updates. With an email signature generator or solution, being able to change signature templates is as simple as saving a document. You change it, save it, and the solution updates every email signature in the company.

Change a user's signature quickly with email signature software.

However, do you want every signature in the company to be the same? You may need to change it for each department. For example, you might want to give account managers an out-of-hours phone number but sales a mobile one instead. Email signature software lets you change signatures easily a variety of purposes.

5. Provide consistent email signatures for all users

Consistent email signatures should be a goal for all legitimate businesses.

Have you thought about errors in your corporate email signature? From spelling mistakes to broken links, when your staff set up their own signature templates, you won’t like what comes back.

Even IT aren’t above a few errors. If you had to copy and paste every single email signature template manually, you might make a few mistakes too. Or there might be mistakes in the HTML code used in email signature designs.

With a preview function built into an email signature solution, you can make sure that every job title and name fits, so you get consistent templates across the board. You can even check which departments have been assigned which versions of the email signature. From the job title to the phone number, every pixel of the signature will be consistent with your design.

6. Cut the costs of email signature updates

A third-party email signature solution allows you to cut the cost of email signature updates. The time an IT admin might waste to copy and paste a template is significant.

With an instantly updating signature, they don’t even have to think about when or whether it changes as Marketing will manage it. There’s no labor cost, and email signature updates are instantly covered in a single mouse click.

You can cut the cost of email signature updates with third party tools.

That makes email signature software cheaper than labor. You dramatically cut the cost of email signature updates and save IT staff hours of precious time.

You also can’t achieve anything through the email signature channel if you can’t control it. If one responsible team doesn’t have overall control over email signature management, costs will be more prevalent than ever. Where control is lost, costs are always found.

7. Get email signature management certainty

With email signature software, you will have complete certainty and total control over a signature’s design. There’s no risk that some other department or end user will do a hatchet job of recreating it or simply refuse to add it to their email.

  • You’re free to change the email signature template at will.
  • Email signature template will always be up-to-date.
  • All email signatures are consistent across the whole organization.
  • Email signature updates can be done in mere minutes.
  • Data can be easily captured with tracking links in your email signature.
  • Costs will decrease whether it’s establishing which promotional banners work best or saving the IT team time.

By choosing a third-party email signature solution to do the hard work for you, you always get complete email signature management certainty.

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