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Using Exclaimer vs G Suite [Comparison]

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G Suite email signature in Exclaimer

There are serious limitations to just relying on the Append Footer feature in G Suite (now Google Workspace) to create an organizational Gmail signature.

  • You can’t paste HTML code directly into the editor, only the signature design itself.

  • HTML code has to be under 10,000 characters as there is a limit.

  • No way to auto populate users’ contact information from Google Directory.

  • Signatures will only be added to the bottom of an email chain.

  • Reply signatures can only be setup on an individual basis within each user’s Gmail account settings.

  • Signatures will automatically remove all images, hyperlinks, and text formatting when replying to plain-text emails

  • Users can still add a separate signature in their Gmail settings, meaning two signatures will appear on the first message they send.

  • G Suite doesn’t let you preview a signature before it is applied to all users of an Organizational Unit.

The Exclaimer advantage

Exclaimer is specifically designed to make G Suite email signature management easy. By using a web-based UI, you can design and manage professional email signatures knowing they will be added to all email sent from any web-enabled device. The service also allows for easy management of specific email signature elements including social media icons, promotional banners, and legal disclaimers without the need for advanced HTML skills.

Signatures are designed using a drag-and-drop signature editor, built to be intuitive and easy-to-navigate. You can either choose a pre-built design from the template library, or build your own signature from scratch, just by dragging elements onto a template.

Users’ contact details are taken directly from your Google Directory and merged into the email signature/s you create, and you don’t need to depend on your end users to carry out any updates. When messages are sent, all enabled signatures are processed and applied as appropriate.

You can grant access to Exclaimer to any number of users, giving them admin or editor permissions. This ensures that the correct person deals with the correct signatures, whether that be for a specific department or different geographic locations. This means you don’t have to rely on just one person being in charge of managing your company’s signatures.

Exclaimer G Suite
Signatures on all devices, including mobiles and Macs
Include HTML images with hyperlinks
Give all users the same signature
Centralized email signature management from a console
Auto-populate the signature with Google Directory contact information
Add a signature under the most recent reply for all users
See the signature while composing an email in Gmail on a browser
HTML signatures added to plain text emails
Assign different signatures to individuals, groups, and departments
Preview the signature while editing
Run a signature test without sending live emails
Hide contact sections with blank attributes
Add a user photo to the signature
Style and edit the signature design in the console
Give editor or admin permissions to users
Group signatures into folders for easy management
Share access with non-technical users
Restrict editing of signatures to certain users
Apply signature based on time and date
Embed HTML images into the signature
Test the signature before setting it live
Automatic updates/upgrades
Supports Multi-Factor Authentication

Make G Suite email signature management easy

If you’re looking for a way to take the pain out of managing your Gmail signatures, we’re here to help!

Exclaimer simplifies the process of updating signatures for every user in your organization. Find out more or start a free trial today!

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