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The Truth About Using HTML Images in Email Signature Templates

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Whether you should include HTML images in email signature templates or not is a much-discussed topic.

Some believe that images should not be included when creating a signature. This is because they don't always appear correctly or can make the file size of a signature too big. However, we believe that images are one of the most important parts of a signature.

Email signature with HTML images

Why should you use HTML images in email signature templates?

Including HTML images in email signatures is a great way to add color and branding to every email you send. When designed and implemented correctly, HTML email signature designs become more aesthetically pleasing and help to give off a professional impression.

If your company uses branding on its business cards and marketing communications, then your email signatures also need to be branded. The best way to add branding to a corporate signature is by including the company logo.

HTML images in email signature templates can also be used to promote your company’s social media networks, awards/certifications and marketing campaigns.

An example of an email signature with a HTML image

What types of HTML images can you include in a signature?

There are many different types of email signature images you can include, all of which have different functions:

Company logo – Including a company logo in an email signature helps to raise brand awareness and recognition. By including a logo with your contact information, you are essentially creating a digital business card.

Social media icons – Use social media icons to promote your company’s social presence and gain new followers for free.

Promotional banner – Different departments can use promotional banners to advertise campaigns such as new content, events or discount sales

Awards and certifications – Show off your company’s achievements by adding awards and certifications to your email signature.

1-click surveys – Using globally recognized icons like smileys allow you quickly capture customer feedback with one click.

Employee photograph – Personalize an email signature by adding a profile photo of the employee.

Seasonal images – Showcase a holiday promotion by adding seasonal images and promotional banners to your email signature.

Check out our HTML Image Template Gallery for some examples of the types of HTML images in email signature templates you could use within your organization.

HTML images in an email signature

Important points to remember

Before adding any HTML code to your signature template, there are a few things to consider:


There are two methods you can use to add images to an email signature templates:

Embedding images directly into the signature so they become part of the email (may trigger spam filters)

Linking images and hosting them externally on a web server

Both methods come with different benefits and limitations. However, without email signature software, hosted images tend to work better with most email clients.

Alt text

Always add Alt text to every image you include in an email signature. If the images do not appear in the recipient’s email, the Alt text will display instead. This will show recipients what the image is meant to be.

Brand guidelines

When adding HTML images in email signature templates, such as a promotional banner, make sure it conforms to your brand guidelines. These will often include a minimum size for the logo, a brand color palette, and typography.

Image dimensions

Make sure all images you include are the correct dimensions. If you have coded the image to appear smaller than it is, it may appear at full size for the recipient.

For more hints and tips on creating the perfect email signature design, check out the 17 Email Signature DOs and DON’Ts.

And if you want to ensure that every email your organization sends has HTML images in email signatures templates, look into using third-party email signature software. This will ensure that your brand is presented in a professional manner on every corporate email.

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