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Professional Teacher Email Signatures (With Examples)

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A teacher email signature is used when communicating with students, parents, and colleagues over email. This could be for the purposes of providing an introduction to parents at the start of a school year, organizing an external trip, or simply liaising with a fellow teacher in another educational establishment.

Every email that a teacher sends that includes a relevant email signature gives recipients a complete set of contact details and is a simple way of conveying professionalism with every message sent.

This guide will go through what makes up a professional teacher email signature, what details you should include, and examples you can use for your signature designs.

What should you include in a teacher email signature?

This information can also be used for those working in universities, colleges, and other academic institutions.

1. Full name

This is your first and last name. Include your middle name (an initial often will suffice) if you feel it is appropriate as well.

2. Job title

It is also nice to add the school subject you teach. This is particularly useful when you communicate with students’ parents. So if you teach Spanish, mention this in your job title, e.g., Teacher (Spanish), Teacher of Spanish, etc.

Some other job titles might include:

  • Academic Adviser
  • Head of English
  • Principal
  • Head Teacher

3. The name and address of your school

This should be the complete and official name of the school. Then, add the full school address with zip/postal code on a different line. You can also link to Google Maps so people can find where your school is physically located.

4. School logo

You represent your school with every email you send, so your signature needs to be professionally branded with the school’s logo. This also helps your message stand out, mainly when people receive many daily emails.

5. Phone number

This should also include your extension number.

6. URL link to the school’s main website

This will help to increase traffic to the website. You can also link to specific departmental pages if it is more appropriate.

7. Email address

Including your email address makes it easier for people to contact you. This is particularly important if the email client uses a display name in the header.

Additional elements to consider in your teacher email signature

1. Professional photo

Many recipients will not necessarily know what you look like. For example, parents often only meet their children’s teachers a few times a year. That’s why adding a professional photo image to your email signature can go a long way to personalizing your messages.

2. Social media icons

Provide links to your school/university’s social media accounts to offer recipients the most up-to-date news.

3. Display banner

Use display banners in your teacher email signature to inform parents and colleagues about upcoming events, recent award wins or highlight important news. You could even use the banner to promote a published paper or study.

What to avoid in your teacher email signature

1. Inspirational quotes

Posting a quote in your email signature is not recommended. As a teacher, you don’t want to be seen promoting something controversial, political, or religious.

What you think is an inspiring message could quickly end up offending someone. This is particularly true when you send many emails to students and parents.

2. Linking to your personal social media accounts

It is not wise to let students or their parents find you on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. If you don’t want people you teach to read what you put on social media, don’t link to your profiles in your email signature.

Examples of teacher email signatures

Please take a look at some teacher email signature templates we’ve designed below. These should provide inspiration you can use when creating your email signature designs.

Email signature template - Professor
Email signature template - Senior Lecturer
Teacher email signature template
Head teacher email signature template

For more design inspiration, check out our email signature template gallery.

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