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Email Signature Template Guide

101 Email Signature Templates & Designs

See a variety of email signature templates and designs with our 101 Email Signature Templates & Designs guide.

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Professional Teacher Email Signatures (With Examples)

If you’re a teacher, you need to use a teacher email signature in all emails. Check out this useful guide and the signature templates available.

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Doctor Email Signatures (With Examples)

Learn how easy it is to make a professional doctor email signature. Highlight your credibility and be inspired by our email signature template examples.

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CEO Email Signatures (With Examples)

Learn what you should include in a professional CEO email signature, what you should avoid, and check our various email signature designs.

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Attorney and Lawyer Email Signatures (With Best Examples)

If you work in a law firm, having a professional attorney or lawyer email signature is a must. Learn what elements you should include in your signature design to have the biggest impact.

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Professional Realtor Email Signatures (With Examples)

Learn how to create a realtor email signature that helps you increase your brand awareness and drive more leads for your real estate company.

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The Best Email Signature Designs in 2022

Find out what are Exclaimer’s picks for the best email signature designs in 2022. Use these examples to create the best email signature templates for your organization.

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The Top 10 Festive Christmas Email Signature Templates

Check out our gallery of the top 10 Christmas email signature templates. Get inspired with these great Christmas email signature designs.

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17 Great Email Signature Templates with Social Media Icons

See how social media should be used in email signatures with this gallery of the best email signature templates using social media icons.

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