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The Top 10 Festive Christmas Email Signature Tips

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From seasonal discounts and promotions to special offers or announcements about upcoming events, adding a Christmas email signature to all corporate messages is an excellent time to stay top of mind with customers.

Every employee email is an opportunity to tell your customers of your plans over the Christmas holidays. Letting your customers know when you’re open is especially important if you have international customers whose offices will be open over the festive period. This is also important information for customers who live in countries where Christmas is not observed as a public holiday.

A Christmas email signature is the perfect way to tell customers important information.

Email signatures are a valuable marketing tool during the holidays. When it comes down to it, you want to create a Christmas email signature that’s fun and festive but not too over-the-top. Follow our top 10 tips on how to give your email signatures a festive theme to really make your brand stand out during the holiday season.

Using Christmas email signatures effectively

1. Distribute a standard Christmas email signature to all staff members and ensure they use it. Remember, your email signature is as important to your company as all of your other corporate branding. If you want to add a festive image to your email signature, make sure it’s relevant to your business and clear enough for recipients to read easily. High-resolution images will look better on high-resolution screens.

Distribute a Christmas email signature to all employees

2. Update any marketing promotional banners with seasonal offers. When the holiday season is over and your promos have finished, make sure you are no longer using a Christmas-themed banner. It sounds like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many companies don’t update their signatures until well into the new year.

3. Write a regular stream of seasonal social media content that is showcased in your Christmas email signature. Examples could include the latest Tweet or blog article. Also, consider adding a festive theme to other signature elements such as your social media icons.

A Christmas email signature with social media icons

4. Ensure the email signature template works on all mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Test the design thoroughly before deploying it.

5. Create a different internal email signature design that’s less detailed than your standard Christmas signature. Consider using different contact details like the user’s internal extension number and location in the office building if you work for a large organization.

6. Create a shorter reply signature to stop email conversations from becoming flooded. Remember that the content of the message is still the most important aspect of an email. You don’t want to bombard recipients with TOO much Christmas content!

7. Revisit and revise your Christmas-themed email signature throughout December. Even if the design works one day, it doesn’t mean it will for the whole festive season. As with email signature designs in general, always look to make improvements.

Make sure you review your Christmas email signature design throughout the holidays

8. Design a Christmas email signature for different departments. Give your sales team a template that promotes a special offer or promotion. Give your customer service team a signature with your Christmas opening hours. Think about how each department can make the most out of the email signature channel.

9. Remember to keep up with changes in your company. The world doesn’t stop just because it’s Christmas. Employees will still come and go, job titles will still change, and awards will still be won.

Keep your Christmas email signature up-to-date

10. Use Exclaimer to easily design and centrally control Christmas email signatures for everyone in your company. Whether you’re on Office 365 (now Microsoft 365), G Suite (now Google Workspace), or Microsoft Exchange, our email signature software will work for your business.

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