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Superpowered email signature management

Easily create and manage professional email signatures for all users in your organization with just a few clicks. Turn every business email into an engagement opportunity.


Designed to integrate with:

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Create and easily manage on-brand and compliant email signatures for Microsoft 365 (Office 365).


Centrally control and ensure consistent branding on email signatures for Google Workspace (G Suite).

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Create and centrally manage professionally branded email signatures for Microsoft Exchange.

Over 50,000 customers worldwide trust Exclaimer

How it works

  • Design email signatures with a drag and drop editor.
  • Create rules for signature applications by role, department, location, and companywide.
  • Add promotional banners, social media icons, 1-click surveys , and disclaimers.
  • Deploy, schedule, and update from one central location.
  • Track success with an analytics dashboard.

Control, update, and automate signatures efficiently

  • Automatically sync contact details with Azure Active Directory (AAD) or Google Directory.
  • Give different email signature templates to specific users and departments.
  • Let non-IT teams control the signature design process and use role-based access control (RBAC) to restrict access.
  • Create rules for signatures based on recipient’s email address or domain name.
  • Monitor, analyze, and report on email signature usage.

Deliver brand consistency and drive campaign engagement

  • Ensure a unified brand on all corporate emails.
  • Increase web traffic, social followers, and engagement rates.
  • Schedule multiple campaigns with targeted messaging.
  • Share awards, qualifications, testimonials, and case studies.
  • Track campaign effectiveness and ROI with an analytics dashboard.

Enrich sales conversations and seal more deals

  • Offer unique content targeted to the prospect.
  • Make scheduling meetings easy with appointment booking links.
  • Personalize email conversations with headshot photos.
  • Boost sales cadence email effectiveness.
  • Showcase corporate accreditations and security credentials.

Improve the customer experience and reduce churn

  • Gather real-time feedback and actionable insights with 1-click surveys.
  • Maximize signups to onboarding demos.
  • Highlight new product releases and updates.
  • Showcase customer satisfaction scores.
  • Make scheduling meetings easy with appointment booking links.

Enhance internal communication and boost employee engagement

  • Announce important company news and highlight new benefits.
  • Collect employee feedback and satisfaction levels.
  • Empower employees to add personal details like preferred pronouns to their signatures.
  • Promote job vacancies and find new talent.
  • Improve employee advocacy by showcasing company culture.
  • Highlight training opportunities and internal events.

Aid compliance with regulations

  • Ensure compliant email disclaimers are added to every message.
  • Stop employees editing or removing disclaimer text.
  • Ensure compliance with regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and Canada’s Anti-Spam Law.
  • Protect your organization against liability for confidentiality breaches.
  • Rapidly respond to changes in legislation.

Create professionally branded and engaging email signatures in minutes

  • Design email signature templates with no coding or HTML skills.
  • Add branding, marketing banners, social media icons, and disclaimers.
  • Update any signature and apply changes instantly.
  • Include 1-click surveys and appointment booking links.

Automate email signature management to drive efficiency

  • Create email signatures for individual users, departments, and locations.
  • Design signature variations for replies, forwarded emails, and internal messages.
  • Apply specific signatures based on audience type, subject line or domain.
  • Automate signature updates with seasonal messaging or limited-time promotions.

Amplify your marketing channels and boost engagement

  • Increase brand awareness, build trust, and improve lead generation.
  • Showcase marketing messaging with rotating banners
  • Target audiences with different signature templates to A/B test messaging.
  • Place important content above the email message body for increased exposure.

Empower employees to make the most of their email signatures

  • Employees can see a signature preview before they send a message.
  • Allow employees to flex which signature they use.
  • Open up specific user details for editing so employees can update for themselves
  • Offer edit or admin permissions to specific employees.

The most secure and reliable email signature software on the market

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World-class customer experience and support

From setting up your subscription, offering tailored onboarding sessions, to customizing your signature templates, our customer success specialists are here to help you succeed. And if you have any problems after setup, our friendly support team and comprehensive knowledgebase will keep you on the right track.

Our customers love us!

We have found the entire signature creation and implementation process incredibly efficient and time saving, while also making overall signature administration much easier.

Gil Morris
Clements, Purvis & Stewart, P.C.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this signature solution. No longer are signatures managed at the user level in their Outlook client.

Sam Livermore

Seamless, functional and professional-looking automatic signature system for corporate email accounts. Love the fact that you can create uniformity across the business in minutes and keep a professional and clean look company-wide.

Brandon Smith
TGS Automotive Group

We have found the entire signature creation and implementation process incredibly efficient and time saving, while also making overall signature administration much easier.

Gil Morris
Clements, Purvis & Stewart, P.C.

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Your new email signature software awaits

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