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Check out a range of Christmas email signature templates complete with marketing banners, graphics, user photos, and more. Download free Christmas banners to give your email signature a festive theme.


Why do you need a Christmas email signature template?

These Christmas email signatures are to inspire you to create designs that work with your brand. And the animated GIFs we've included will add extra festive fun to your email signature templates (depending on your brand guidelines)!

If you're looking for inspiration on how you can design email signatures for the Christmas season, browse our signatures below for ideas to get you started.

Looking for more email signature templates?

Look no further than our email signature gallery! Use these template ideas to help give you ideas on how to design the perfect email signature.

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Browse our Christmas signature template gallery

Christmas GIFs for email signature templates

You can download and save these animated GIFs to add directly to your Christmas email signature templates.

How to use a Christmas email signature

Is your company planning on running a special offer over the holiday period? Hosting a festive event? Releasing a new product? Use Christmas email signatures to promote your seasonal campaigns!

  • Create Christmas-themed promotional banners
  • Promote seasonal social media content in your business email signature
  • Highlight your Christmas opening hours
  • Use a variety of Christmas banners for different departments
  • Run Christmas campaigns from your email signatures
  • Use Exclaimer's email signature software to create the perfect Christmas signature

Christmas email signature templates for different email platforms

These Christmas email signatures have been designed to inspire you to create designs that work with your brand. And the animated GIFs are just for some extra fun (ideally for personal email signatures only).

Once you've got a design in mind, check out our instructional guides on how to implement your Christmas template in various email platforms:

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