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Intelligently priced archiving

Email archiving doesn’t have to break the bank. That’s why Exclaimer Mail Archiver brings all the benefits of email archiving at a sensible price for all organizations.

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Many companies understand the benefits of email archiving. From SMBs to large multinational corporations, the need to archive emails is becoming necessary for legal compliance, managing sensitive information and other e-discovery purposes. The best email archiving solutions need to not just store emails, but be able to retrieve them quickly.

However, the biggest downside for purchasing an archiving solution is cost. Traditionally, email archiving systems require dedicated hardware and database platforms that are expensive to buy. This puts the advantages of email archiving out of reach of smaller organizations. Archiving solutions also require a lot of specialized skills, especially if it's being done for compliance or litigation purposes.

Some businesses decide to simply purchase additional storage options to store all corporate emails, but as more are sent and received, the amount of disk space these emails take up increases rapidly. So, more storage is then required and then more. In end, it is not cost-effective to keep purchasing storage units for email archiving.

The best email archiving solution is one that does what you need, is easy to use and fits in with your budget structure. That’s why you need Exclaimer Mail Archiver for Microsoft Exchange.

Affordable, yet powerful email archiving

Exclaimer Mail Archiver brings the significant benefits of email archiving (beyond simple legal compliance) to all organizational types and sizes at a much lower cost of ownership than has been previously available. It is the simplest and lowest cost solution available for scaling the email archiving cost/performance needs of any organization.

The software’s pricing is based on a one off per user charge that is up to 60% cheaper than competing products.

The savings aren’t just cost related. The software makes overheads for maintenance extremely low, you don’t need Enterprise CALs as you would with Exchange, you can store your email archive in any location that can hold files and there is no requirement to archive using SQL.

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With Exclaimer Mail Archiver, we now have a reliable, stable and very cost effective solution.
Thomas Toftdal Novenco A/S
If you are looking for an affordable, simple to use and powerful email archiving solution, you definitely should use Exclaimer Mail Archiver!
Jan Pronk Kester en Partners Accountancy

Other Exclaimer Mail Archiver advantages

  • Find emails easily in Outlook

    Users can manage their emails in their Outlook client with ease through Exclaimer Mail Archiver’s built-in Outlook Add-In, which works seamlessly with Outlook 2013, 2010 and 2007.

    Any user can then locate a single email quickly and efficiently using the same search technology as browser users.

  • No need for other third-party solutions

    Exclaimer Mail Archiver doesn’t rely on using SQL server to store archived mail. The software is completely self-contained. You don’t need to purchase any other software and hardware or re-deploy important IT resources.

    We use our own indexing technology that allows you to archive emails to any storage medium that can hold files and folders (DAS, SAN, NAS, cloud-based drive, etc.).

  • Search central archive on any device

    When users don’t have access to Outlook, they can use the software’s web-based archive search on a smartphone, tablet PC and any other device that can connect to the Internet.

    As long as they have their Active Directory login details, users can easily search the mail archiving store from any location.

  • Set up in minutes

    You don’t want to spend ages setting up software so Exclaimer Mail Archiver is designed to start archiving and searching within 10 minutes.

    Download, define your rules, set your stores and go. We’ve made it all as simple as possible and we can also offer remote assistance from our team of Microsoft Certified Professionals.

  • Deploy how you want to

    No matter how your organization’s IT environment is set up, Exclaimer Mail Archiver is designed to be deployed however you want. Save your archived emails on one PC, across multiple machines or even save it to the cloud.

    Emails can even be archived on a message-by-message basis so you can store emails to clients in one location and have internal emails archived elsewhere.

  • Built with trusted Exchange technology

    Exclaimer Mail Archiver takes email from your Exchange journaling mailbox (or mailboxes) and adds it to the archive.

    It also uses elements of the Windows file system and indexing, as well as allowing you to write all your archiving activity to your Windows Server event log.

    The software is built so that it integrates easily with Microsoft applications.

What next?

Contact Exclaimer today to view a demonstration of our Mail Archiver software, ask questions or download a 30-day free trial of this award-winning email archiving solution.

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