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Customer Thermometer is an enterprise-class 1-click survey platform that uniquely integrates with Exclaimer Cloud to let you drive real-time, actionable customer feedback via email signature surveys.

  • The only email signature solution vendor that offers an “out-of-the-box” integration with Customer Thermometer.
  • Enhanced delivery of on-brand, professional, and consistent surveys.
  • A combined feature-set that is far stronger than any other email signature management solution provider.
  • Simple deployment of surveys straight into corporate email signature templates.
  • Multiple survey designs available for immediate use.
  • Enriched reporting through out-of-the-box data integration.

Combine 1-click surveys with email signature management

Why you should care about email signature surveys

Most organizations still gather customer experience feedback using long surveys and forms. These typically only get a <1% response rate as customers are too busy and don’t capture a balanced picture of both happy and unhappy customers. At the same time, the emergence of lightweight ‘1-click’ rating systems (embedded in Amazon, Instagram, Uber, etc.) garner much higher engagement among customers who now expect to encounter them throughout their buying journeys. Long surveys provide an irregular snapshot in time of sentiment and don’t provide that real-time ‘pulse’ of how customers are feeling.

Using 1-click CSAT email signature surveys with Exclaimer Cloud and Customer Thermometer delivers the best of both worlds. They allow customers to express feedback in real time in a way that’s convenient for them. This feedback can then be used to inform all manner of business improvements including the customer experience itself.

Who benefits from using 1-click CSAT signature surveys?

In a world where we are increasingly doing business remotely, 1-click email signature surveys and rapid customer feedback benefit many different departments within your organization.

IT Operations & Helpdesks

Gathering feedback at the moment of interaction is critical if you want to understand service satisfaction. But service customers are time-poor.

  • Turn helpdesks into profit centers
  • Use high-quality dashboards to report actionable feedback
  • Be alerted in real time to important customer issues
  • Make the process of giving feedback easy for customers
  • Action specific feedback to inform internal training programs and individual personal development

Customer Service & Support

To get maximum lifetime value from your customers, their entire journey needs planning, measuring, and optimizing on an ongoing basis.

  • Integrate surveys simply and quickly across large customer support departments
  • Create effective, high-response surveys
  • Deliver great customer and employee experiences while implementing digital transformation
  • Weave feedback opportunities into interactions you’re already having
  • Have a meaningful and representative CSAT KPI across your CS team

Customer Success & Marketing

It isn’t enough for a customer to buy your product anymore. If they don’t use it successfully, they won’t stay with you for long.

  • Measure the entire customer experience
  • Convert your happiest customers into brand advocates, recruiting more social followers and company reviews
  • Gain a competitive advantage through superior CSAT and NPS scores
  • Ensure unhappy customers are contacted before they respond negatively on social media and forums
  • Ask customers how you are doing throughout their purchase, onboarding, and usage

Employee Engagement

The signature space on intra-company email can be targeted with staff surveys.

Capture a pulse on any topic:

  • How staff are coping with remote working
  • Did they enjoy a lunch and learn?
  • Would they like more training?


How to add 1-click CSAT surveys to email signatures in 10 minutes

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