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Key Features: Customer Thermometer

As Exclaimer is the only email signature management provider that integrates directly with Customer Thermometer, you can quickly deploy effective 1-click email signature surveys with greater agility, no HTML coding errors, and save huge amounts of time and effort.

  • Rapid survey creation - Enable Exclaimer Cloud users to easily drag and drop surveys straight into corporate email signature templates. These can then be deployed quickly throughout an organization.
  • Universal survey deployment - Universally apply email signature surveys through the server-side deployment of signature templates. This enables far greater survey reach for a true picture of overall company performance.
  • Powerful insight & real-time alerts - Create bespoke reporting dashboards and respond to feedback faster with email alerts
  • Gauging employee sentiment - Implement CSAT as a powerful tool to gain insight into employee engagement via Exclaimer Cloud’s ability to target intra-company messages.
  • Optimize response rates - Ask more questions, test more survey designs, and target surveys better using the signature rules engine (e.g. time of day, department, country, etc).
  • Drivers of customer and employee feedback - Find out what’s really driving customer and employee sentiment by presenting response reasons (e.g. price, features, service etc.) that provide context as to why they responded as they did.
  • Reduce customer churn and win more business

    • Improve customer relationships by identifying problems and resolving them quickly.
    • Turn negative situations around swiftly to build customer retention.
    • Obtain real time feedback by response type.
    • Be alerted in real time to any issues so you can react faster.
  • Optimize support and service teams’ performance

    • Create a metric for help desk team success.
    • Enable optimization of team performance over time.
    • Provide a total view of stakeholder satisfaction at key points in the customer journey.
    • Integrate with popular collaboration tools: get customer insight flooding into Slack, Teams, Asana, and more.
  • Drive company culture

    • Shape a customer-centric culture by sharing CSAT scores internally, highlighting the importance of customer satisfaction to the overall business.
    • Create a continuous desire for improvement by comparing different teams’ and individual’s CSAT performances.
    • Build dashboards and league tables designed to congratulate employees doing well and identify areas for improvement and training.
    • Showcase positive CSAT scores that increase brand reputation and encourage both customer and employee advocacy.
  • Visibly demonstrate commitment to customer service and experience

    • Highlight commitment to customer service and experience by having a survey/feedback option in all emails.
    • Easily identify delighted customers that can be approached to provide testimonials, case studies, and become brand advocates.


Set up instant email alerts to any recipient. These can be per email signature survey and sent to different individuals depending on which response level is clicked. A second level of alerts can then be triggered based on if respondents leave comments, also set up based on which color response is clicked.


Customer Thermometer provides a full suite of reports “out of the box”. This is in addition to a personalized reporting ‘Ribbon’ that can be tailored with up to four custom report widgets. This lets different users create data views that are most relevant to them. Examples include league tables for top agents, key customer accounts you want to keep an eye on, and NPS and temperature dials.


How to add 1-click CSAT surveys to email signatures in 10 minutes

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