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Customer Thermometer, a wholly owned subsidiary of Exclaimer, is the leading survey platform for providing real-time, actionable feedback via every corporate email you send. Meeting the same high standards and system quality assurance as Exclaimer, Customer Thermometer has built an award-winning reputation trusted by thousands of teams worldwide to gather the thoughts of customers and employees.

  • Customer Thermometer ensures the security of your data with identifiable feedback complying with global regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.
  • Comprehensive integration with external identity and Single Sign On (SSO) providers for enterprise clients. Integration partners include PingOne, SiteMinder and Okta.
  • Regularly updated system status page highlighting releases and outages. Uptime is consistently at 99.999%.
  • Reporting data accessed via the Customer Thermometer webapp or using your API key.
  • When using your Customer Thermometer API key with Exclaimer Cloud, only presentation information (design layout of the survey) is transferred (no survey response data).
  • Purchasing Customer Thermometer via Exclaimer Cloud creates a dedicated ‘Exclaimer-optimized’ account (including preferential pricing and product integration).

How it works

  1. Surveys are created in Customer Thermometer using a dedicated Exclaimer-optimized wizard:
    1. Build new surveys in minutes, or duplicate and modify existing surveys in seconds
    2. Enrich your Customer Thermometer responses with your own directory data from Exclaimer Cloud
    3. Create bespoke landing pages for different types of feedback including ‘response drivers’ that add further context to what is driving customer sentiment
  2. Under the ‘Survey’ option within Exclaimer Cloud, drag-and-drop surveys directly into email signature templates via the signature designer.
  3. Use one of the following methods to insert actual survey content from Customer Thermometer:
    1. Connect via API: Simply add your Customer Thermometer account API key and connect it to Exclaimer Cloud. This will automatically populate a drop-down menu with all the surveys you have created in Customer Thermometer ready to be added into your email signatures
    2. Manually copy-and-paste: Using the Customer Thermometer wizard, manually copy-and-paste the survey content directly into the signature template
  4. Control the deployment of email signatures containing your newly added survey content using different attributes such as sender, recipient, time/date, and more.

Your Finished Survey


Webhooks allow you to automatically trigger actions with a third-party application, such as when someone leaves a Gold response, or a comment against a Red response.

Examples of webhooks in action displaying incoming Customer Thermometer ratings and comments can be found in Microsoft Teams channels, Salesforce or inside Slack channels


Customer Thermometer’s RESTful API opens up powerful integration options for your survey response data. For example, an overall ‘Happiness Factor’, temperature rating, your NPS score or even the individual comments from survey responses can be utilized.

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