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Centrally manage your Exchange email signatures using Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for Exchange

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Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for Exchange lets you design and manage your organization’s Exchange email signatures and disclaimers irrespective of which Microsoft technology you are using, e.g. on-premises Exchange, hybrid Exchange, Exchange Online, etc. This removes the need for IT teams to be involved in day-to-day Exchange email signature management, as well as unlocking powerful features unavailable in our other solutions.

It is also the only on-premises Exchange signature management solution that can be seamlessly migrated to Microsoft 365, future-proofing an organization should it decide to move to the cloud at a later date.

  • Get professional email signatures across every web-enabled device, including mobiles and Macs, from one central location.
  • Manage email signatures for Exchange users via an intuitive web interface and design professional templates using our advanced drag-and-drop Signature Designer.
  • Pass Exchange email signature responsibilities over to other departments, removing the need for IT to manage corporate email signatures.
  • Allow specified users to manage signatures for different parts of the organization, e.g. country-specific marketing teams can each manage their own country’s signatures.
  • Enable users to view and select specific signature templates when creating emails in Outlook on both PCs, Macs, or when using OWA. You can even customize email signatures for different departments, internal and external messages, or for replies and forwarded messages.
  • Maintain control and delivery of emails via your on-premises Exchange server (emails only pass via Exclaimer for imprinting, not the mail flow).
  • Reduce provision, support, and maintenance of local IT services required to power solution.
  • Supports Microsoft Exchange 2019, 2016 and 2013, as well as hybrid Exchange setups and Exchange Online.

If you have any questions, please contact our sales team.

Design and manage Exchange signatures for all users

Integrate 1-click surveys with your Exchange email signatures

Through an exclusive integration with Customer Thermometer, you can now add customer feedback surveys straight into your corporate Exchange email signatures. This means you can capture real-time feedback whenever you send an email, alerting you to customer or employee sentiment at every interaction.

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Watch On-Demand: Exclaimer Cloud for Dummies

Learn about the benefits of using Exclaimer Cloud to ensure brand consistency and to support marketing.

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"Exclaimer has many great features, including the ability to update everyone's signature at once in one place, as well as creating a template with custom attributes to customize the signature to each individual."
G2 Crowd - Best EMEA Sellers for 2021

Create Exchange email signatures with the easy-to-use Signature Designer

Create professional Exchange email signatures using an intuitive drag-and-drop editor without any HTML skills. Our Signature Designer lets you create multiple email signature designs in minutes.

  • Easily create professional templates quickly and easily using an intuitive interface, designed for users of all technical abilities.
  • Guarantee consistent email signatures in Outlook and all other mail clients.
  • Create as many templates as you require, complete with contact information, social media icons, marketing banner, and email disclaimer.
  • Create a separate signature for internal and external recipients.
  • Include all design elements you need by “dragging and dropping” individual components into your email signature template.
  • Pass email signature design responsibilities over to your marketing team.

Case Studies

Rugby Football Leagu

The Rugby Football League

The Rugby Football League chooses Exclaimer to standardize all employee signatures, and update templates quickly and efficiently.

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Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts

See why Indianapolis Colts chose Exclaimer to streamline their email signatures, while migrating to Microsoft 365.

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UNICEF Nederland

UNICEF Nederland

Find out how UNICEF Nederland used Exclaimer Cloud to manage its professional email signatures and protect its corporate identity.

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Our white paper explores one of the most common IT pain points; manually managing email signatures. Download for free today.

Let Exclaimer build your email signature template

If you require a bespoke signature design or wish to recreate templates you use in Exclaimer Signature Manager, our design team are here to help. All templates we build will work perfectly with Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for Exchange, and will only be implemented when you’re happy with the final design

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Exclaimer Acquires Periodic

Exclaimer are pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Periodic, a major player in the calendaring and appointment scheduling market, to help enhance its email signature management offering further.

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