Key Features and Benefits: Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for Exchange

Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for Exchange is an Exchange email signature solution that works in multiple Microsoft environments, solving the headache of email signature management. You get all the benefits of using Exclaimer Cloud whether using an on-premises Microsoft Exchange server, a hybrid mail flow environment or are in the process of migrating to Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365).

  • Easy to use interface - Signature templates are easily designed using an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, requiring no coding or HTML skills.
  • Built for users of all abilities - Design the perfect email signature templates with logos, promotional banners, social media icons, email disclaimer, and more. All contact information is auto-populated with user details pulled from your Azure Active Directory.
  • A more modern solution - Access features and functionality not present in Exclaimer on-premises solutions, allowing for easier management of Exchange email signatures. This means you can manage email signatures online rather than via an Exchange server.
  • Apply signatures intelligently - Choose to apply a signature only to external recipients, to internal ones, or be really specific and apply signatures based on the recipient’s email address or domain name.
  • No longer just an IT task - Other departments such as Marketing can easily manage email signatures without accessing IT infrastructure. Restricted access can also be provided to users managing separate departments, regions or brands.
  • Instant updates - Get automatic product updates so you’re always using the most recent version. This reduces the burden on IT workloads.
  • Deliver your brand consistently - Turn email signatures into a marketing communications channel that will reach thousands of people daily across all devices and email clients.
  • Marketing & Branding

    • Design and manage email signatures in a timely basis
    • Ensure that brand representation is consistent
    • Promote content, events and new products that drive business outcomes. Apply time and date ranges for specific campaigns
    • Track email signature campaign success with dedicated URLs to capture data
    • Promote award wins and corporate certifications with HTML images
    • Choose from 40+ social media icons (or use your own)
    • Use your company’s custom font
    • Deploy customer satisfaction surveys straight into corporate signature templates
  • User Management

    • Control all Exchange signatures from one central, web-based location
    • Group signatures into folders with restricted access and rules, ensuring signatures are applied to the correct users
    • Empower users with less IT proficiency to get more directly involved in signature management
    • Allow specified users to manage signatures for different parts of the organization
    • Specify if signatures are applied to emails sent to external and/or internal recipients
    • Create different signatures for reply and forwarded emails
    • Upload user photos to personalize Exchange email signatures
    • Enable users to see their signature when creating emails in Outlook on PCs or Macs and when using the OWA client. This allows for a more traditional end-user experience
    • Take advantage of using a solution that offers both server and client level deployments of corporate email signatures
  • Signature Designer

    Control all Exchange signature templates with our easy-to-use cloud editor. Simply add elements like corporate logos, employee photos, display banners, social media icons, and 1-click surveys using the drag-and-drop Signature Designer. Let non-IT departments like Marketing get directly involved in email signature design. Allow the IT team to focus on other day-to-day responsibilities.

    • Drag-and-drop Signature Designer requiring no HTML skills to use
    • Easily update multiple Exchange signature elements:

      Contact details, e.g. name, job title, phone number, etc.

      Office address field

      Corporate logo/banner/award image

      Employee photos

      Social media icons

      Email disclaimer text

      Label icons

      Text field

    • See real-time signature updates in the preview pane
    • Use pre-built signature templates if required
    • Hide/show signature fields based on a user’s contact details
    • Preview everything before it is applied across the company
    • Maintain total control over all aspects of Exchange signature design:

      Change font family/size/color

      Embed or host linked images

      Add hyperlinks

      Use background images/colors

      Hide contact fields if user attribute is not populated

      Apply alignment and padding

      Add borders

      Render as bitmap image

    • Use tables

      Add multiple rows/columns

      Change row height and column width

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Exclaimer Cloud

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How Exclaimer Cloud compares to Exclaimer Signature Manager

See the differences between Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for Exchange and our on-premises software.

Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for Exchange VS Exclaimer Signature Manager
Email signature solution for on-premises customers that supports a future migration to Microsoft 365 Email signature software for on-premises customers who never intend to move to the Cloud
Drag-and-drop Signature Designer that can be used by anyone regardless of technical skill On-premises HTML editor that requires knowledge of HTML code to use
No installation required. Manage signatures via a web browser. Runs within Microsoft Azure complete with 99.99% reliability Installed on a local machine or on-premises server/s via ‘.exe’ file
Allows non-IT teams to design and manage email signatures Centralized management run by IT only
No requirement to be connected to the corporate network to receive client-side signature updates Client-side signature updates can only be applied when connected to the corporate network
Mails imprinted with signatures before being delivered by Exchange Mails imprinted with signatures in local on-premises environment before being delivered (requires additional hardware)
Automatically hide user information not populated in Azure AD Manually configurable ‘Hide if blank’ fields available
Once configured, no further maintenance is required. All updates are automatically deployed Updates are only available with annual Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA). Updates are deployed manually via ExSync
Ability to render a signature block as a bitmap, providing support for background images and custom fonts No ability to render signatures as images or use custom fonts; web safe font will be used if a custom one is not installed
Supports Outlook for Mac and Apple Mail on client-side No client-side option for Outlook for Mac or Apple Mail
Automatic updates with many new features being developed Manual updates and no longer actively being developed (no new features)
Available in English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian Available in English and German
Seamless transition when migrating to Microsoft 365. No service interruption or user training needed Signature templates need to be rebuilt, the service needs to be setup, etc.

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Exchange email signatures on all devices including mobiles.

Email signatures on all devices

As email signatures are added after an email is sent, all employees automatically have a consistently branded signature template appended to any messages. This ensures corporate email signatures appear correctly on mobile devices and Macs as well.

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