Before you use Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for Exchange, please ensure you have:

  • Azure Active Directory configured and synchronized to your local AD
  • Exchange 2019, 2016, or 2013 running the latest Cumulative Updates (CU)
  • Windows Server 2012 and up
  • Powershell 4 and .Net Framework 4.7.2. installed
  • Domain Administrator account

Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for Exchange is the only solution that gives organizations using an on-premises Exchange server the full benefits of cloud-based email signature management. It provides the same advantages as Exclaimer Signature Manager Exchange Edition and Exclaimer Signature Manager Outlook Edition but comes with many more advanced features and allows for non-IT teams to take control over day-to-day Exchange email signature management.

  • Exclaimer Cloud is accredited with the ISO/IEC 27001 for Information Security Management.
  • Microsoft Exchange signatures are applied all emails sent from any device and mail client.
  • Uses 12 regional Azure datacenter locations worldwide.
  • Comprehensive datacenter failover if issue occurs at any regional Azure datacenter.
  • Wide-ranging security including 2-factor authorization and 24/7 monitoring service.
  • Straightforward Exchange connector and Transport Rules setup.
  • Sync all Azure AD attributes, including those in your local AD, to use in signatures.
  • See which signature template will apply for a certain user and why it was applied with the signature rules tester.
  • Connect signatures to on-premises and cloud mailboxes without fear of signature duplication.
  • Easily migrate to Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), providing a future-proof solution.
  • Enjoy regular new feature releases with no software updates required.
  • Supports Microsoft single sign-on (SSO).
  • Utilize exclusive integrations such as Customer Thermometer 1-click surveys.

Comparison with Exclaimer Signature Manager

Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for Exchange Exclaimer Signature Manager Exchange Edition Exclaimer Signature Manager Outlook Edition
Full HTML email signatures on all devices and mail clients *
Apply separate internal and reply signatures
Automatically pulls across users’ contact details
Email signatures automatically updated with changes
Different signatures for different departments
Schedule signatures with a time-and-date range
Test which signature will apply for a certain user
Let users see their signature design as they type an email in Outlook, OWA or Apple Mail **
Ability to choose from multiple signatures in OWA ***
Drag-and-drop Signature Designer
Manage via a web browser
Modern and easy-to-use UI
Automatic updates/upgrades
Embedded images on emails when sent from any device
Give editor or admin permissions to users
Apply signatures based on the recipient’s domain or email address
Guarantee use of your custom font/s
Group signatures into folders for easy management
Restrict editing of signatures to certain users
Share access with non-technical users
Cloud-hosted solution within Microsoft Azure infrastructure
Restrict access to signatures via Folder Security
No service account required
No local installation required
Supports Multi-Factor Authentication
Multi-lingual interface
Direct integration with Customer Thermometer

* Signatures are only added at the client-side level.
** No support for Outlook for Mac or Apple Mail.
*** Only allows for one signature.

How Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for Exchange works

Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for Exchange uses an Exchange Transport Agent that is installed on your Exchange server. This acts as a “gateway” to the Exclaimer Cloud service, allowing signatures to be imprinted on your mail.

Once you signup, the latest version of the Exchange Transport Agent can be downloaded via the Exclaimer Cloud portal with the necessary API keys. You can have as many API keys as required, although it is suggested to have only one that can be utilized on numerous Exchange Servers.

The Exchange Transport Agent will log all key events to the Windows Event Viewer, providing transparency and control over all email signature activity.

Exclaimer Cloud offers multiple setup options to manage email signatures:

  • Server-Side Configuration
    When a user sends an email, it is re-routed to an Exclaimer regional Azure datacenter for imprinting. The signature is then added in the appropriate location, passed back to Exchange, and sent as normal.
  • Client-Side Configuration
    Exclaimer Cloud is connected with your local email client with no mail flow passed through Microsoft Azure. A delivery mechanism adds email signatures in Outlook, OWA or Apple Mail. Your users then have the option to choose from a set of signatures while composing an email.
  • Server-Side & Client-Side Configuration
    Email signatures are deployed to compatible email clients, with emails passed through Azure. This ensures users get a traditional email signature experience while ensuring that every email has an appropriate signature appended to it. Automatic deduplication occurs between these two deployments to allow use of both.

Our cloud environment

Exclaimer Cloud is hosted in Microsoft Azure datacenters globally. The use of multiple active regional datacenters ensures 99.99% service availability for Exclaimer Cloud at all times.

Each regional datacenter can accommodate the traffic for the entire region if necessary. This protects Exclaimer Cloud from any local infrastructure issue that could occur with the Azure platform.

  • The Exclaimer Azure setup uses load balancing to provide a single network service from Exclaimer’s UK-based Azure servers. If an incident occurs at one of Exclaimer’s two regional datacenters, a comprehensive cross-datacenter system ensures mail flow for all tenants is maintained. These give Exclaimer Cloud service a huge level of resilience should Microsoft find themselves struggling with capacity in any one datacenter.
  • The service easily scales with increased number of tenants, maintaining reliability and uptime. All inbound connections are secured through SSL Certificates and TLS, which are constantly checked to meet current cloud standards.
  • Our 24/7/365 monitoring services automatically detect any service alerts, which are configured with escalation chains. The Exclaimer Cloud Service Health page provides key details on the service, and we provide real-time alerts for all customers.
  • Any updates to the Exclaimer Cloud service are scheduled to occur ‘out-of-hours’, minimizing any disruption. Updates are built and tested thoroughly before going into production. Furthermore, this intensive process includes stress testing beyond normal usage.

Watch On-Demand: Getting Started with
Exclaimer Cloud

See Exclaimer Cloud in action in our on-demand session from the Exclaimer Signature Summit.

Exclaimer Cloud & the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification

Exclaimer Cloud is accredited with the ISO/IEC 27001 for Information Security Management, which it has been since 2016. Awarded by the BSI (British Standards Institution), this internationally recognized security standard specifically covers the development and supply of our cloud-based email signature management system. This makes it the most secure Exchange signature manager available.

The ISO/IEC 27001 Certification means third-party accredited independent auditors regularly perform thorough assessments of Exclaimer Cloud to confirm it operates in alignment with ISO security standards.

For more details on Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for Exchange’s security features, please contact the Exclaimer Sales Team.

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