Key Features and Benefits: Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for G Suite

Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for G Suite allows you to centrally manage your organization’s email signatures through an intuitive web portal. You can create bespoke signatures with the solution’s built-in Signature Designer using its drag-and-drop editor, or you can choose from a range of pre-built templates.

  • Drag-and-drop editor - Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for G Suite comes with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, allowing you to seamlessly create the perfect organizational signature in minutes. Learn more
  • Create multiple G Suite email signatures - Whether you have 5 users or 100,000 users, you can create multiple signatures for your users. Signatures can be applied to individual users, Google Groups, a domain or the whole organization.
  • No need to be an IT expert - The Exclaimer Cloud UI is designed for users of all technical abilities, and doesn’t require any HTML or design skills to build a professional Gmail signature.
  • Real-time changes - Any changes you make to signatures will be instantly updated, and you can see the changes instantly in the signature preview panel. The updated G Suite signatures are deployed to users as soon as you click ‘Save’.
  • Choose a pre-built signature template - Exclaimer Cloud also comes with a library of pre-built email signature templates. Make the signature your own by adapting the templates to fit your organization’s brand.
  • Personalize users’ signatures - Add a face to a name with the user photo feature. Make your professional Gmail signatures more personal with centrally managed user photos.
  • Marketing & Branding

    • Include your company’s logo and custom font.
    • Display award and certificates with HTML images.
    • Include promotional banners to promote special offers, events or content and capture link click data with trackable hyperlinks.
    • Target specific contacts with email signature marketing campaigns.
    • Get new followers for free with social media icons.
    • Schedule email signatures with the time-and-date feature.
  • User Management

    • Gmail signatures are controlled from a central, web-based location.
    • Give access to multiple users, and assign editor or admin permissions.
    • Group signatures into folders, restrict access to certain admins/editors and make sure the signatures in the folder only apply to specified users.
    • Signatures can be applied based on the recipient's domain or a single user's email address.
    • Set rules and exceptions to ensure signatures are not applied under specific circumstances.
    • Assign signatures to everyone, individual users or Google Groups.
    • Set a signature to be applied to emails sent to external and/or internal recipients.
    • Deploy the signature directly to users' Gmail accounts, or create a subject trigger rule so users can specify which signature will apply.
    • Add user photos to personalize Gmail signatures.
    • Try the Signature Editor before connecting to G Suite.
  • Signature Designer

    Built from the ground up using over two decades’ experience, create signature templates like never before with our cutting-edge Signature Designer. Simply add elements like logos, employee photos, banners and social media icons using the drag-and-drop builder. Create your own custom designs without any limitations.

    • WYSIWYG drag-and-drop editor
    • Easily add multiple Gmail signature elements:

      Contact details including custom attributes

      Office address


      User photos

      Social media icons

      Legal disclaimer

      Label icons

      Text field

    • See changes to your signature instantly in the preview panel.
    • Choose from pre-built templates and make it your own.
    • Control every aspect of the signature design

      Change font family/size/color

      Add hyperlinks to text and images

      Choose to embed or host images

      Hide fields if a user attribute is empty

      Add background images

      Render signature as bitmap

      Alignment & padding

      Add borders

    • Use tables

      Use rows and columns

      Change row height and column width

    • Set signature attributes to hide/show based on a user's contact details or if unpopulated.
    Easily create professional Gmail signatures for G Suite users.

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Let G Suite users see signatures in Gmail before sending

When using the Gmail web app, G Suite users will be able to see their signature whilst composing an email. Contact details are pre-populated with user information taken from your organization’s Google Directory, meaning they’ll always have the correct details in their signature.

G Suite email signatures in Gmail.
“It's rare to find software as solid & intuitive as yours.”
Martin Osborne | MOECS
G Suite email signatures on all devices, including mobiles.

Gmail signatures added to emails sent from any device

Whether you’re a BYOD organization, or have multiple remote workers, using Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for G Suite ensures every G Suite user gets a professional, branded email signature on every email sent from a web-enabled device, including Macs, mobiles and tablets.

Download our guide today to find out the benefits of email signature management in the context of remote working


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