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Creative email signatures to wow your audience

Creative email signatures leave your audience with the right impression. Here are some email signature design tips to make sure everyone in your organization signs off with impact.

Importance of an email signature

Your email signature design creates high-impact engagement opportunities every time you send an email.

Designed properly, they’re a powerful tool for communicating business-critical information concisely, without triggering spam filters or overwhelming your audience.

What makes a basic email signature?

The best email signature includes key contact information in a format that’s easy to read at a glance. Here are the must-haves:

Start with your name

It sounds obvious, but over 30% of business emails don’t even include a name. Make sure your email signature design includes the employee’s first and last name, and avoid nicknames.

Add your photo

Including a photo adds personality and helps build trust. But you want consistent quality across your organization, so invest in professional headshots rather than relying on employees to provide their own random snaps.

Make a creative email signature

Contact information

Don’t overload email signatures. Stick to key contact information:

  • Full name
  • Job title
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Website URL

Call to action

Put your most important call to action right after the contact information. Reminders to book event tickets or sign up to programs can all be rotated regularly into this prime spot within your email signature design.

Social media icons

We recommend including a maximum of four social media icons to keep your email signature looking clean and uncluttered. Pick your most active channels and the ones your customers use most.

Get a creative email signature by adding more

For the very best email signature design, lead with the important information and then add a little extra sparkle to really wow your audience.

Getting the visual hierarchy of information right is important. Put the key information up front and follow on with the bells and whistles, which might include some of the following:

A signature banner

Professional and creative email signatures are prime real estate for marketing material. Add an eye-catching graphical banner below the key details to highlight new content, competitions, and other tactical offers.

A quote

A well-chosen quote can convey a lot about your organization. But stick to something meaningful that can be attributed to a real person – ideally an industry leader or expert – rather than a general motivational statement that might be jarring.

Add social media icons in a creative email signature

Useful links

Make it easy for email recipients to schedule meetings with you, request demos, and leave simple 1-click reviews. All these handy functions can be added to create a fancy email signature that also saves time for your customers and contacts.

Animated GIFs

Deployed correctly, animated GIFs can bring an email signature design to life but keep them short, relevant, and on-brand. Have the image loop once only. Subtle animation adds vibrancy. Anything on a repeated loop will just distract and irritate.

A green footer

Are you a paper-free organization? Do you plant trees? Put your planet-friendly credentials on show and include green awards or accreditations at the end of your email signature.

Don’t go for the cool email signatures

Less is more when it comes to the best email signature.

A genuinely cool email signature gives the recipient the key information they need plus some well-designed, on-brand extra content that’s targeted, timely, and doesn’t get in the way.

With a platform like Exclaimer, you can effortlessly change up your email signature design to refresh marketing messages, push new content, and promote events, so there’s no pressure to try and cram it all in at once.

Some other email signature ideas to try

Here are some other types of content you could include to elevate your email signature design and really wow your audience:

Animated and creative

Used sparingly, animation has real wow-factor. Use animated banners to showcase new product launches, headline events, and seasonal promotions.

Link to a YouTube video

If your organization produces quality video content, make sure your audience knows about it.

Regularly updated links in your email signatures to the latest video content will quickly become a useful resource for your email recipients.

New content to create the best email signature

Include a link to Google maps

Don’t leave your audience hunting for your location or Googling directions to an event. Do the work for them and include a link in your email signature to a pin in Google maps.

Use a handwritten sign-off

If you want to elevate your email signatures further, a handwritten sign-off can be a nice extra personal touch. Position it within your email signature design above or alongside key contact details, just as you would on a letter.

A discount when you click on the link

Make even more impact with your email signature by including a targeted discount, personalized to the recipient. This could be a new customer special offer, a one-off discount or a special deal on products you know they like.

Use Exclaimer without needing coding or design skills

Inspired to get creative with your organization’s email signatures?

Our drag-and-drop designer quickly turns your sign-off into a sales tool. Customize creative email signatures and add banners, social icons, and surveys in an instant.

No coding or design skills required.

Creative email signatures - key takeaways

Creative email signatures are a powerful way to build your brand, drive home marketing messages, and deliver real value to your audience.

  • Make sure the key contact information is concise, current, and easy to read at a glance
  • Add the human touch by including centrally managed photos that are professional and warm
  • Use graphical banners to showcase marketing campaigns and offers without interfering with the key contact information
  • Include links to useful functions that make life easier for your audience
  • Don’t go crazy with animated gifs and videos and turn a cool email signature into a messy overload

Amplify your email and create high-impact engagement opportunities. Exclaimer gives you effortless consistency everywhere.

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