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Email Signature Management Solution Buyer’s Guide 2nd Edition Now Available

We're pleased to announce that the second edition of our popular eBook, Email Signature Management Solution Buyer’s Guide, is now available.

Written by four-time Microsoft MVP Nick Cavalancia, this eBook is the perfect resource for evaluating today's email signature solutions so you can determine which one is right for your organization. 

This second edition of our Buyer's Guide contains new content on advanced features you might want to consider when choosing an email signature management solution. Additionally, it comes complete with online evaluation worksheets, making it easier than ever to assess the capabilities of any email signature software vendors you're investigating.

Why read Email Signature Management Solution Buyer’s Guide?

Every company goes through the same issues with email signature management as they grow in size. At first, all employees simply use a personal email signature template. It suits their purpose (providing contact details over email) and the organization is small enough to not be too concerned about what's going out in every message.

At some point during this corporate growth, leadership will conclude that everyone should be using a consistent signature template. This will usually come about due to brand conformity and legal compliance. The IT department will then be tasked with setting up a standard email signature template for all users.

However, the IT hours needed to manually manage email signatures are considerable and will often lead to organizations being unable to implement complex HTML designs. Other stakeholders like the marketing, legal, and customer success departments will also have their requirements regarding the use of email signatures.

This means you need a solution that simplifies designing and managing email signatures at scale. But how do you choose the solution that's right for your company? Well, that's where our Buyer's Guide comes into play.

How to use the Buyer's Guide

This Buyer's Guide presents you with essential buying criteria to consider when purchasing an email signature management solution. Each criteria section focuses on a particular set of features and capabilities that are available in modern email signature solutions. These are then broken down into two categories:

  • Required. These are fundamental for purchase consideration. Any email signature solution should have these capabilities as a bare minimum.
  • Optional. These enhance email signature management but aren't considered to be core capabilities. These optional requirements might be considered innovative or simply provide additional value to companies with specific needs.

By using our Email Signature Management Solution Buyer’s Guide, you'll end up purchasing a solution that doesn't just manage email signatures, but also enhances customer relations, increases prospect engagement, and improves corporate communications. 

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