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New Enhancements to Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud Released

Signature Engagement Analytics dashboard in Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud

The ability to track and measure the effectiveness of your email signature templates and campaigns is one of the key reasons to use Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud. Through the dashboards available, both IT and Marketing stakeholders can analyze key metrics on the performance of both the solution and the signatures it deploys.

Exclaimer has now introduced new enhancements to both the usage and engagement dashboards within Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud. These expand the amount of actionable data available to report on.

Banner Analytics

This new metric in the Signature Engagement Analytics Dashboard of Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud improves how marketing professionals can evaluate the effectiveness of promotional banners and images included within email signature designs.

Export all mailboxes

The Signature Usage Analytics Dashboard can now identify all users, shared accounts, and aliases that do not have an email signature template assigned to them.

Custom date range

An option to set a custom date range has been added to the filters on both dashboards. This enables all dashboard users to access relevant data for a certain time period.

What are the new Banner Analytics metrics?

The introduction of Banner Analytics to the Signature Engagement Analytics Dashboard creates a new opportunity to drill deeper into the performance and success of your email signature designs. This feature within Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud examines the five most frequently used clickable images and banners with a template and tracks their overall performance.

Banner Analytics in Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud


  • See precisely how many emails have been sent with your most frequently used banners and images.
  • With an expected open rate of close to 100%, you also get an accurate representation of how many impressions these images and banners have generated.
  • You can then determine the precise reach of these along with their associated CTAs (Calls-To-Action).


  • This statistic shows how many clicks have been generated for a particular banner or image.
  • Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud filters out any clicks generated by bots or automation software. This leaves you with only genuine human interactions to report on.

Engagement (%)

  • Engagement is a measure of success similar to CTR (Click-Through-Rate) It provides an easy way to inspect the effectiveness of a particular image or banner with any associated Call-To-Action.
  • A higher percentage indicates a greater number of clicks against the total number of sends.
  • Updates to important images and banners can be made based on these statistics in order to obtain better engagement scores.
  • You can also carry out A/B testing on your banners and images to compare engagement levels. This provides you with important data on the most effective email signature components.

How to export mailboxes with no signature

The core reason to use Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud is to ensure all mailboxes have a corporate email signature. This guarantees brand consistency, removes the risk of non-compliance, and ensures the maximum reach for email signature marketing campaigns.

Now, as part of the Signature Usage Analytics Dashboard, you can swiftly and effortlessly check how many mailboxes haven’t had an email signature applied to them.

To identify specific mailboxes and update your email signature rules accordingly, you now have the ability to download a comprehensive report on all mailboxes. The report can be run through the ‘Diagnostic Logs’ under ‘Troubleshooting’. This will then reveal the logic behind your email signature rules and why templates are not being applied.

Signature Usage Analytics dashboard in Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud

Using audience and date filters

Within each analytics dashboard are filters used for better segmenting your data. These filters ensure only relevant data populates to both metrics and graphs within Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud.


  • All Emails’ – shows data for all emails sent to all recipients (internal and external).
  • Internal Only’ – shows data for all emails sent to internal recipients. This is useful for measuring the efficacy of email signatures used on internal emails between employees.
  • External Only’ – shows data for every email sent to external recipients. You can then measure the effectiveness of email signatures used on messages sent to customers, partners, and other external companies. This filter also provides valuable insight into how your email signature marketing campaigns are performing.


  • Options exist for common date ranges:
  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Last 7 days
  • Last 30 days
  • A new option now allows dashboard users to select a custom date range, where both a “from” and “to” date/time can be selected.
  • There is no limit to the range of custom dates you can select. This means any data can be reviewed together and/or compared with another time period.

Not currently using Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud?

To learn more about the analytics dashboards available with Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud and to get yourself a free trial, visit our product page.

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