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Introducing the New Exclaimer User Details Editor

UPDATE: As of April 20, 2022, the User Details Editor is part of Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud.

Exclaimer now offers a new and exclusive way for organizations to let their end users edit specific details within their corporate email signature. With our new User Details Editor feature, business users can view and edit specific contact information without needing to make change requests to IT. This can be contact information that typically resides within your Active Directory or details that are custom for your organization.

For current Exclaimer customers, this new feature provides cutting-edge functionality to what is already the leading email signature management solution. The User Details Editor is also the perfect enabler for getting organizations that do not have the healthiest Active Directory started with our core product offering.

But what does this mean in practice?

User editable contact detail examples

Adding custom fields in the User Details Editor
  • Personal titles
  • Preferred gender pronouns
  • Job titles
  • Surname/family changes
  • Personal mobile/cell phone numbers
  • Working hours
  • Next holiday period
  • Personal website or blog
  • Calendar booking page
  • Individual social media platforms

This means IT gets to spend less time having to maintain Active Directory and responding to constant requests for contact updates. Users will only ever be able edit contact fields that a Global Administrator has defined as "editable". This ensures the overall integrity of your corporate email signatures remains as intended.

The feature is also located independently of your Active Directory. This means all user details are protected and secured using Microsoft authentication.

So, how are these details actually controlled?

The User Details Editor portal

User Details Editor portal

This simple-to-use portal allows any Global Administrator to choose which contact fields are editable.

Once these are set, end users log in and can update empty or inaccurate fields as they see fit. Now, this doesn't just mean the IT department avoids having to deal with numerous contact change requests.

You also get to pass more sensitive information such as gender pronouns over to each end user. This further empowers them to decide whether or not they want to populate information of this kind.


CSV file uploads

User details upload with CSV files
User details upload import message

This lets an IT administrator upload any end user information with a CSV file via the new Exclaimer UI. You can then update some contact details like everyone's job title or overwrite all fields that are currently populated.

You can even add new columns so that new custom attributes can be added all email signatures. This is much simpler than doing it directly within your Active Directory. Any new attributes will then be accessible to end users via the User Details Editor portal.

The benefits of using the User Details Editor

  • Easily include all the user information you've always wanted to.
  • Maintain user details that would be otherwise difficult to populate or keep accurate.
  • Establish custom fields in a straightforward fashion using CSV uploads.
  • Avoid constant requests to update certain Active Directory fields used for email signatures.
  • Remain in control over which fields can be editable by end-users
  • Let users check their details used in their email signatures and ensure that they are accurate.
  • Leave it to users to decide if they want to include certain information in their email signature.
  • Import data from HR systems using exported CSV files

NOTE: The User Details Editor feature can be implemented by upgrading from Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud to Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud. Please contact our sales team today for more information.

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