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Add valuable endings to every email conversation

  • Endings that invite prospect to trial new products.
  • Endings that ask customers to rate their experiences.
  • Endings that share your latest news and events.
  • And many more.

Don't just sign off with a signature. Sign off with a purposeful ending.

Introducing Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud


Strengthen brand perception


Drive engagement


Actionable analytics & insights

Exclusive AMA offer: Save 20% on your first Exclaimer purchase

Exclusive AMA offer: Save 20% on your first Exclaimer purchase

Over 50,000 customers worldwide trust Exclaimer

Ready to get started? See Exclaimer in action!

Exclaimer transforms everyday emails into a valuable platform to drive sales and build stronger relationships.

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Supercharge your Exclaimer subscription with Power Ups that bring you more amazing ways to turn the end of every email into a great new beginning.

Exclaimer Signature Feedback Power Up

Introduce 1-click surveys into your professional email signature templates to maintain continued monitoring of customer sentiment.

Exclaimer Signature Appointments Power Up

Include instant appointment booking in your professional email signatures. Automatically connect with employee’s calendars to offer real time availability.

Why choose Exclaimer's email signature solutions?

Trusted worldwide

50,000+ customers

96% customer satisfaction

Award-winning solutions

Our customers love us

"Exclaimer makes it possible to use good-looking and standardized signatures for every user in the organization "

Nicolai Rathmann, orgalean GmbH

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"The cloud platform is great for removing the need for local infrastructure and designing signatures in a WYSIWYG manner makes it easy even for non-graphic designers."

Edoardo Longhi, CFMEU Vic/Tas

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"Exclaimer is a very cost-effective method of managing multiple individual signatures on multiple emails. It is easy to make the changes globally and not rely on users to update their signatures."

Graham Deck, Pengana Pty Ltd

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"We were able to use Exclaimer to quickly and confidently deploy standardized signatures across all accounts and devices overnight."

Shawn Reed, XMC - Xerox

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"If you want a powerful email signature tool that works with Office 365, then choose Exclaimer. Its products are is straightforward to set up, use, and configure. "

Alessandro Oreste, IQ Solutions GmbH

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Save 20% off your first Exclaimer purchase

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  • Experienced account managers to help improve productivity and drive more value to each corporate email sent
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