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GAC Business Solutions chooses Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud to take control of its users’ Office 365 (now Microsoft 365) signatures.

About GAC Business Solutions

GAC Business Solutions (GAC) has been providing enterprise and industry specific software Consultancy services since 1983. GAC consists of several business units that specialize in three major industries; Professional Services, Wholesale, and Manufacturing.

As one of the biggest Microsoft Dynamics Partners in the Netherlands, GAC offers its customers a range of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solutions to manage and automate their business processes.

Inconsistent email signatures

When a company depends on their employees to manage their own email signatures, important elements will often get removed or forgotten, which becomes problematic as it leads to inconsistencies across the company.

This was the case for GAC. Before using Exclaimer, GAC’s employees were left on their own to set up their email signatures. “Everyone managed their signature in Outlook themselves. This meant they had to copy an example signature template whenever a promotional banner had to be added.” said Jeroen Hems, Systems/Cloud Administrator at GAC. “Employees would forget to change information like their mobile number, and would also add their own certification logos and social media icons.”

As GAC is made up of several business units, it was important that the organization could apply different promotional banners to each unit’s signature for events. However, this was proving too difficult to manage, meaning GAC needed a solution that would allow it to centrally manage email signatures across the whole company.

Discovering a fresh approach

“I found out about Exclaimer whilst visiting a client of GAC who were using Exclaimer’s previous on-premises email signature software,” said Mr Hems. “After a bit of research on Exclaimer’s website, I came across Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud. We had migrated to Office 365 a year earlier, so choosing a cloud product to manage our email signatures felt like the best fit.”

“Once everything was up and running, our marketing department enlisted the help of Exclaimer’s Template Design team to come up with the final email signature design. The entire organization now loves the new, consistent look.”

A flawless experience

Xavier Dusée, Manager for GAC Marketing Solutions, added; “After implementing Exclaimer Cloud, GAC’s marketing department can now extend its reach via the regular email interactions every employee has on a daily basis. These touchpoints can now be intelligently used for cross and upselling purposes.

Exclaimer offers a great piece of smart software that taps into the buying journey of our customers, we love it!”

“All in all, this project was a great collaboration between myself, our marketing department and various people at Exclaimer,” Mr Hems concluded. “Exclaimer really wanted it to work for us, so they helped out whenever I needed them to, whether it was a sales related question, a support request or a design question.”


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Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud


Simplify Email Signature Management
Ensure Brand Consistency
Optimize Marketing Campaigns

Jeroen Hems Systems/Cloud Administrator

The challenge
  • No centralized signature template used throughout the company
  • Employees managed their own signatures leading to various inconsistencies
  • Contact details were frequently inaccurate
The solution
  • Implementation of Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud
  • New template built to ensure a new and consistent look for the whole company
The benefits
  • Consistent signature templates across the whole organization
  • Corporate email has been turned into an additional marketing channel

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