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4 Dynamic Ways to Use Meeting Links in Email Signatures

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Booking meetings is a critical part of the entire customer lifecycle. Whether it be initial sales interactions, product onboarding sessions, or technical support, scheduling times to speak to prospects/customers is critical for business success. And using meeting links in email signatures makes this process much simpler.

Using meeting links in email signatures

But why are meeting links in email signatures so effective? Well, booking appointments is easier said than done. Scheduling is a largely tedious, manual process that drains time and productivity. It takes on average eight emails to schedule a single meeting. Multiply that with all your staff, and so much time can be lost to booking meetings alone.

By including a calendar link in email signatures, recipients can access the real-time availability of the sender. The appointment link is included as part of the primary contact information, easily visible to recipients. This means they can immediately book a meeting by pushing a button. This means no delays and no long email chains, dramatically saving time for all concerned.

Simplifying the booking process with scheduling links in email signatures

While time savings are an obvious benefit, there are other ways meeting links in email signatures can be used.

Providing schedule visibility

Your staff’s daily, weekly, or monthly calendars can get hectic. Customers/prospects will try to book meetings with your teams only to have no visibility on when they are available. Employees then find their calendars overwhelmed with meeting requests, giving them little time to focus on other tasks. But how are external contacts meant to know when your teams are free if they have no visibility of their calendars?

By including meeting links in email signatures, recipients can access their calendar in real-time to immediately see their availability. They can then easily book a meeting when the recipient is free. It also makes coordinating meetings with attendees from different countries more accessible. This is because they don’t have to calculate time zone differences manually.

Also, by offering all recipients meeting links in email signatures, you let them know the sender’s working hours. After all, not everyone in your company works the same hours. By pairing professional email signatures with a staff member’s calendar, you always show recipients their current schedule.

It then doesn’t matter if their hours change or they go on vacation. Contacts will always be kept in the loop as to their availability.

Improving conversion rates

If your sales teams have to schedule appointments manually, it’s easy for leads to slip through the cracks. After all, if they are spending too long sending out emails trying to book meetings, they spend less time selling. Your sales cycle is then inevitably increased due to the administrative work involved in organizing meetings.

Adding simple meeting links to email signatures used by your sales team creates less friction in the sales process. This has the benefit of avoiding lengthy email conversations. In fact, it removes the sales team from the scheduling process altogether and makes booking time much more straightforward.

The sales team can then quickly speak with any recipient that has booked time to talk with them. And less friction in the sales process will inevitably lead to a higher conversion rate.

It’s not just your sales team that benefits from this though. Meeting links in email signatures can also be given to other departments like your customer success and technical support teams. Recipients can then quickly book product demonstrations, consultations, and onboarding sessions. In the end, any time not spent using email to schedule appointments is time better used elsewhere.

Reducing customer churn

Getting new customers is essential but keeping them is the key to business growth. It’s far less expensive to keep a current customer than to go out and acquire a new one. If customers don’t get the personalized attention they might need, they will often take their business elsewhere with little warning. And if your customer success managers don’t jump on these unhappy customers quickly, your churn rates will increase.

For a customer success team, using meeting links in email signatures means less time scheduling meetings and speaking to customers. When recipients need help, they can easily schedule a call through meeting links in email signatures. This will be at a time that works for both parties.

Customers will be more willing to reach out to your teams if they can do so easily. And when calendar links in email signatures do all the work for you, you avoid depending on your staff remembering to offer meeting options as an option.

The placement of meeting links in email signatures

Usually, meeting links in email signature templates lead to an app or a third-party appointment booking system. This will be linked directly to the sender’s calendar. The recipient can then schedule an appointment with the person sending the email.

Scheduled meetings will appear on the calendar of both parties and can then be changed or canceled if required. This is especially important for sales departments and real estate agents who have to fit multiple meetings into a tight working day. The amount of saved time typically wasted emailing to confirm/cancel appointments can be substantial otherwise.

Make recipients take the initiative

It is essential that setting up meetings is as easy as possible. Any barrier that stands in the way diminishes the chances of customers scheduling an appointment. That’s why using meeting links in email signatures makes sense.

Calendar links in professional email signatures form part of an ongoing email conversation. This is at a time when the recipient is engaging with your company. The recipient is more likely to book a meeting as they will not feel they are being nagged to do so.

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