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With the demands on our time, everyone can feel like they need an assistant to stay on top of things.

Scheduling important appointments can be very difficult to arrange, particularly over long email chains.

Customers/prospects try to book meetings with your employees only to have no visibility on when they are available.

Co-ordinating meetings with attendees from different countries becomes difficult due to manually having to calculate time zone differences.


Leads end up getting lost due to the time taken to schedule meetings, not to mention having to deal with cancellations and rescheduling requests.

Employees find their calendars overwhelmed with meeting requests, giving them little time to focus on other tasks uninterrupted. 

Your sales cycle is increased due to the amount of administrative work involved in organizing meetings, meaning less time is given to actual selling.

Transform email signatures into powerful scheduling and time management tools

The Exclaimer Signature Appointments Power Up makes scheduling appointments as straightforward as using any other instant communication channel.

By including a link in your email signatures, recipients can access the real time availability of the sender and immediately book a meeting with a push of a button. This means no delay, no back-and-forth, just the confidence that they are scheduled in with someone who can help.

Exclaimer Signature Appointments Power Up

Simplify the process of booking meetings in-person, remotely or on the phone.

Avoid having to go back and forth over emails to arrange convenient times for appointments.

Help your customer-facing teams manage their time better by accurately sharing when they are available for bookings.

Use an appointment booking link as a powerful call-to-action in email signature marketing campaigns.

Encourage new customers to sign up for onboarding and product sessions.

Save time and improve employee efficiency

Let email signatures do all the hard work of scheduling meetings, making the process easy for customers, prospects, and partners.

Integrate directly with either Outlook or Google calendars so recipients can see your employees’ availability before booking an appointment.

Instantly provide email confirmations for each booking made and add the meeting details to your employee’s calendar

Send out automated reminders to both parties ensuring that meetings are not missed or forgotten about.

Choose a Power Up that supports all video meeting solutions such as Zoom, Webex, and GoToMeetings and is automatically integrated with Microsoft Teams in Microsoft 365 environments

Schedule 1-2-1 meetings with colleagues and share appointment bookings if required

Nos clients nous aiment

"Exclaimer permet d'utiliser des signatures standardisées et de bonne qualité pour chaque utilisateur de l'organisation".

Nicolai Rathmann, orgalean GmbH

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"La plateforme cloud est idéale pour supprimer la nécessité d'une infrastructure locale et la conception de signatures à la manière WYSIWYG est facile, même pour les non-graphistes."

Edoardo Longhi, CFMEU Vic/Tas

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"Exclaimer est une méthode très rentable pour gérer plusieurs signatures individuelles sur plusieurs courriels. Il est facile d'effectuer les changements de manière globale et de ne pas compter sur les utilisateurs pour mettre à jour leurs signatures."

Graham Deck, Pengana Pty Ltd

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"Nous avons pu utiliser Exclaimer pour déployer rapidement et en toute confiance des signatures standardisées sur l'ensemble des comptes et des dispositifs en une nuit."

Shawn Reed, XMC - Xerox

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"Si vous souhaitez disposer d'un outil de signature mail puissant qui fonctionne avec Office 365, choisissez Exclaimer. Ses produits sont simples à mettre en place, à utiliser et à configurer. "

Alessandro Oreste, IQ Solutions GmbH

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