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Exclaimer provides the perfect solution for centrally managing email signatures across your entire company. Every email is guaranteed to get a full, dynamic and professional email signature when sent from any web-enabled device. This means you can be confident knowing your brand identity will be protected and consistent across every email, every time.

Why Exclaimer email signature management?

  • Control your brand image across all employee signatures – no unauthorized copy or images.
  • Exclaimer’s solutions save time and effort as updates are made centrally and take immediate effect.
  • Manage social media icons, promotional banners and legal disclaimers from an intuitive web portal.
  • Vary email signatures for different teams and departments.
  • Pass control over your email signatures from your IT team to your marketing team.
  • You don’t need any HTML skills to create professional email signatures with Exclaimer.

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What people are saying

Well thought out, comprehensive, and effective products. Nathan Winters

Nathan Winters

Microsoft MVP & Windows IT Pro Reviewer

Exclaimer offers a low-cost, high-value solution that is an easy customer sell, and can immediately help channel partners increase their revenue. Christian Buckley

Christian Buckley

Microsoft MVP and CEO of CollabTalk LLC

I really like Exclaimer: they do well-written, stable software. Robert Pearman

Robert Pearman

Microsoft MVP, Windows Server for SMB



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