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What makes a good email signature template?

A professional HTML email signature template is made up a set of key components. These then all work together to offer businesses of any size multiple marketing and feedback opportunities.

1. Contact Information

The basis of any email signature template is the contact information. This will often include your full name, job title, phone number, email address, and company URL.

You can then really make your signatures come alive by adding a user photo. This helps to add a human touch to what can be quite an impersonal channel.

2. Brand/Logo

Branding is important and conforming to brand guidelines impacts the design of your email signature template, from your company logo to the color palette and font. Your email signature can then build and promote your organization’s brand awareness, particularly through the use of your corporate logo.

3. Promotional Banners

When used as part of an integrated marketing campaign, email signature banners are the perfect place for promoting new content such as a case study, special offers, attendance at trade shows, etc.

4. Social Media

Adding social media icons to your email signature template lets you get loads of new followers for free and improve the reach of your marketing campaigns.

5. Calendar Booking

Providing a dedicated calendar link to your signature templates allows recipients to schedule meetings and demos with you. All recipients do is click on the scheduling link and then choose a time.

6. Email Disclaimer

Email disclaimers are still important as a matter of lawful and safe operation for many organizations. Most countries have email regulations in place, be they regional/national or sector-specific.

7. Company Awards and Certifications

A certification image displayed in your email signature template establishes credibility instantly with a recipient. The same is also true if you use an industry award image.

8. 1-Click Feedback Buttons

One of the simplest ways to get customer feedback is to add 1-click feedback buttons to your email signature template. These buttons each link to a certain level of customer satisfaction and are represented using universal icons.

How do you format an email signature template?

When creating a new email signature template, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which signature elements are common to all departments and which ones are specific?
  • Which elements need localization to different offices and regions?
  • Which elements are time dependent and/or fast changing?
  • Which elements are managed by Marketing, HR, Legal or IT?
  • Which elements contain data that’s provided from an existing corporate resource, such as a directory of users?
  • Which certifications and/or qualifications do staff hold that are useful and appropriate to include in an email signature?
  • What other messages can you include?
  • How does the message vary with time and within the context of the signature?

For other hints and tips on how to make an email signature template, visit the Exclaimer Email Signature Handbook.

How to create exceptional email signature templates

The only way to completely control all elements of an email signature template is through third-party email signature management software. It’s important to remember that organizations use many third-party products and services to automate business functions. Investing in a solution that does the same for email signature templates should be no different.

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