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Exclaimer Will Be Exhibiting and Speaking at B2B Ignite London 2022

We're excited to announce the next in-person event Exclaimer will be exhibiting at in 2022 will be B2B Ignite London 2022, the world's biggest B2B marketing learning and networking experience.

On 6 July 2022 at 133 Houndsditch in London, B2B Ignite London 2022 will feature more than 80 big thinkers, award-winning experts, and 1,500+ marketing professionals. It will bring together a wealth of opinions, talents, and best practices.

B2B Ignite London 2022 will deliver tremendous and valuable in-person and virtual networking opportunities so that you can break out of the 'working from home bubble' and connect with the B2B marketing global community. With in-person and virtual stages, session rooms, networking, and an exhibitor area – there's something for everyone at B2B Ignite London 2022.

Exclaimer's speaking session at B2B Ignite London 2022

We're not just exhibiting at B2B Ignite London 2022 though. We'll also be speaking at a session to showcase why email signatures are an untapped marketing channel.

Marketers have to fight harder than ever to get new customers while retaining the ones they already have. And they are being asked to do so when they need to do more with less at their disposal. When you look at the various advertising channels available, most of them come with significant costs. So rather than looking for new ways to reach your audiences, why not use a channel you currently own? One that is already targeted, high-volume, and low-cost?

When used correctly, the standard corporate email your company sends daily is a powerful communication channel. One that broadens your social reach, promotes your latest content, showcases your brand personality, gives you fast customer feedback, and extends the reach of your key marketing activities. So, take advantage of this untapped real estate and turn the end of every email into a valuable new beginning.

In this session, Maria Dahlqvist Canton and Paul Cox explain why the email signature is a great untapped marketing channel at your disposal and how it can deliver relevant, targeted, and focused messaging that will always be seen by the right audience at the right time.

You'll learn the following:

  • The reasons why corporate email is so powerful as a communications channel
  • How business emails can carry targeted marketing messages and promotions more easily than other advertising channels
  • How email signatures can ensure the growing importance of brand consistency
  • How additional features such as customer feedback can support multiple departments within your business

Choosing Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud for turning email signatures into new marketing opportunities

Our team at B2B Ignite London 2022 will be showcasing our new email signature management solution for marketing professionals, Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud. We'll also offer product demonstrations and answer any questions you may have. We may even have some free prizes to give away, so stop by if you're in the area.

About Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud

Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud allows an organization to transform email signatures into new opportunities for promoting messages, engaging across social media, sharing awards, and establishing your brand's personality. This means you can finally take full advantage of the opportunity the real estate within emails represents.

Here's what other marketing professionals are saying about Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud:

  • “The ability to fully control branding changes and ensure that our signatures are consistent across the business is invaluable.”
  • “The editor is easy to use. Makes it simple to push out email signatures to the whole team.”
  • "Advanced, secure and scalable: a solution that brings real value for branding."
  • “Now our users represent our brand, goals, and partnerships in a consistent fashion through online communications.”

Sound interesting? Then head on over to the Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud product page to learn more about its cutting-edge features. Or try the product for yourself by getting a 14-day free trial.

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