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Exclaimer Heads to Technology for Marketing 2022

The Exclaimer event "train" shows no sign of stopping. Following the recent SaaStr Annual event, we're now heading to Technology for Marketing 2022. Taking place at Excel London on September 28-29, this event is the UK's only event dedicated to MarTech.

About Technology for Marketing 2022

Technology for Marketing 2022 is the UK's only event dedicated to MarTech. This powerful event is co-located with eCommerce Expo and together they will offer an unmissable opportunity to hear from and network with world-leading marketing and tech leaders.

The two events feature 10 dedicated theatres covering every emerging marketing and eCommerce theme and topic. More than 10,000 brands, retailers, agencies, media owners and tech providers will take part in a two-day programme of one-to-one meetings, multi-track conferences and networking.

What’s Happening at Technology For Marketing?

Technology for Marketing 2022 is designed for CMOs, Marketing Directors, Marketing Managers, Digital Marketers, heads of marketing, heads of CRM and heads of digital marketing who want to find out how technology can improve their operations. The event will showcase various keynote sessions from industry experts on six key topics.

The Future of Digital Marketing

Dive into some of the trends that are expected to revolutionize marketing in the future – including new social networks, retail media buying, shoppable ads, voice commerce, gaming, and the rise of the metaverse.

The Full MarTech Stack: Technologies Driving Growth

From programmatic advertising to digital marketing platforms to privacy and customer data use, hear from the brands and solution providers who are creating winning strategies and optimizing marketing technology to reach new customer and serve current customers.

The Power of Data and Personalization

Learn how to responsibly use data, protect your customers' privacy, and adapt your data collection strategies while maintaining growth.

The Digital Customer

From consumer trends including sustainability and social issues to the shifting priorities of how consumers want to interact with brands – this track will focus on consumer trends and how to identify what your future customer needs.

Future of CX & Personalisation: Innovating the Customer Journey

This track will discuss every step of the process including payment options, trust and security, optimizing customer service, new payment and checkout innovations, and building loyalty and advocacy.

Cross-Border Commerce & International Growth

From translation to financial currency considerations to payment options – learn how to determine priorities and make the right investment in your global growth.

Exclaimer's speaking session at Technology for Marketing 2022

Our CMO, Carol Howley, will be speaking as part of the Full MarTech Stack: Technologies Driving Growth track. She will be presenting a clear strategy on navigating the challenges of marketing in 2022, the benefits of fully utilizing all channels you own to support your goals, and why authenticity and engagement with your stakeholders are key.

Check out the full session details below:

Getting personal: How to build engagement in an impersonal world

As a marketer today, you’re having to fight harder to acquire new customers and engage the ones you have. But establishing relationships, building communities and personalising marketing is becoming increasingly complex.

Your customers expect the brands they interact with to understand their needs. They are more aware than ever of how their data is used. And with privacy concerns taking centre stage, this presents you with a significant challenge when it comes to personalisation and data privacy.

Your budgets also need to keep up with ever-growing media spends, so you need to do more with less. And with the “TikTokification” of social media, you’re navigating changes in the algorithm that make it more challenging to build communities on these platforms too.

In this session, we explore how you can use every channel you own in a personalised and coordinated way, supporting demand generation and building long term relationships.

We will discuss:

  • The impact of data privacy and customer expectation on personalization
  • The opportunity of leveraging your email as a promotional channel
  • Why the best kept marketing secret is engagement

Exclaimer will also be exhibiting at Technology for Marketing 2022 on stand K44 in Hall N14 - N19. This is the perfect place to meet our team and learn more about our cutting-edge email signature management solution. We'll also be offering live demos, plenty of giveaways, and exciting prizes.

So, make sure you stop by our stand during your visit to Technology for Marketing 2022 to see how you can turn the end of every email into a valuable new beginning.

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