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Introducing the 12 Tips of Christmas Email Signatures

Switching up your standard email signatures at Christmas time is a smart move for many reasons. There are practical benefits like communicating about special events or new opening hours. It's good for marketing too, as it provides a trusted vehicle to position seasonal offers and content. And it's also just a positive thing to do, spreading good cheer and showing that you're involved in your community and with your audiences.

With this in mind, we've decided to pull together the following 12 tips for Christmas email signature templates. It's been a tradition for almost 250 years to play "The 12 Days of Christmas" at yuletide. Here, the lyrics have been altered to suit, and we're running in reverse order just like the very last line of the song. Sing along if you know the tune!

The 12 Tips of Christmas Email Signatures

12 seasonal offers offering…

Christmas coincides with the end of the year and the end of a sales quarter. It’s also synonymous with gifts and bargain sales. That’s a ripe combination for pulling out your best offers and discounts.

Unlike marketing email blasts, email signatures are carried in business emails which are significantly more trusted. This trust also guarantees the message will get opened and read. These are ideal for drawing attention to opportunities that please your customers and partners.

11 links a-tracking…

Make every link trackable if Christmas email signature ideas are new for you this year. This is so you can measure the performance of your seasonal email signature marketing efforts.

In fact, even if you’re an old hand at this, trackable links are essential for evaluating relative performance. Try out ideas, run some A/B tests, and iterate your approach to make the most significant impact.

10 banners promoting…

Much of digital marketing runs on marketing banners, so don't forget to include your suitably Christmassy ones in email signatures. Email signature marketing has earned its place alongside other digital tactics. You can even measure its equivalent cash ROI using metrics like EAV (Equivalent Advertising Value).

Take the opportunity to spruce up your Christmas banners with seasonal colors and design touches, especially if they're going stale.

Using Christmas email banners

9 options alternating…

You can do so much more than just running a single festive Christmas email signature design. With centralized email signature software, you can create Christmas signature designs for each business department. Or load up a few alternatives and have them rotate, so that regular email recipients receive a broader range of signature content.

8 festive designs appearing…

There are numerous opportunities throughout the year to change the design, look and feel of email signatures – and Christmas is just one of them. Creating a new Christmas signature design needn't be hard going, especially with simple drag-and-drop tools like Exclaimer's.

Consider swapping in Christmas versions of your logo and personal profile pictures of each sender. Just make sure you remain consistent so that the brand experience is the same across all your communications channels.

7 opening hours displaying…

Customers and other stakeholders need to know how Christmas might affect your business hours. Christmas email signatures are great for this because it's often challenging to get this kind of message across using other channels alone. Do this regardless of what changes are happening at your business. If you're closed or closing early then this will help avoid customer disappointment.

If you're opening longer over the festive period, then ensuring people know this will increase returns on your investment. Even if hours stay the same, it's reassuring for people to know as they might not know what to expect otherwise.

Promote opening hours in your Christmas email signatures

6 contact details showing…

Providing accurate contact information is especially valuable at popular holidays. After all, people can be hard to reach on the first attempt.

There are so many ways of contacting individuals, and you could easily fill up 10 lines of a Christmas email signature with them. But we recommend keeping it to 6 or 7 lines maximum. Otherwise, your Christmas email signature starts getting too long and may not be read.

5 gender pronouns!

Do you include gender pronouns in your email signature? It's certainly more common nowadays, not just among non-binary people but also as a sign of allyship.

Perhaps it's worth remembering that Christmas is often a very happy and generous time. However, it can also bring about isolation or family conflict and trigger mental health issues. Now could be a particularly thoughtful point to introduce gender pronouns in email signatures, at least as an option for employees who want to express them.

4 feedback buttons…

Contacting valued individuals via business email is an excellent opportunity for gaining feedback metrics like CSAT (customer satisfaction) and NPS (Net Promoter Score). So rather than stick with the same response buttons, why not use the opportunity to create seasonal ones that get into the Christmas spirit?

Adding feedback to Christmas email signatures

3 recipient signatures…

As well as attaching alternative signatures based on the email sender, why not tailor your email signature strategy to fire off different designs according to the recipient? A large proportion of most employees' and organizations' email is internal, which calls for a different email signature approach than when dealing with external contacts. For example, messages to colleagues could contain details about the staff Christmas party or 'secret Santa' arrangements rather than more commercial calls to action.

You could even program reply emails to show condensed versions of your standard email signature template. Doing so will ensure email trails aren't excessively long when exchanging messages back and forth.

2 content pieces…

Christmas is a time for giving, and what better to share than your freshest and most valuable content? Email signatures are the ideal vehicle for sharing Christmas-themed content designed to inspire customer success. Even better if you can track and evaluate the performance of different content marketing campaigns using the email signature channel.

And mobile compatibility!

It just wouldn’t be Christmas to stop people from joining in. But that’s what you risk doing if Christmas email signatures aren’t first tested to ensure they render perfectly on all platforms, devices, and email clients. Get this right, and every recipient will see your Christmas email signatures just as you intended throughout the holiday season.

Christmas email signatures working on all devices

Taking your Christmas email signatures to the next level

It's never too late to create your own Christmas email signature. But you might not be sure where to start when it comes to your design. You make this process much more simple by using the following resources. With our help, you'll be designing the perfect Christmas email signature in no time.

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