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Come Creare Una Firma E-Mail Android

“Sent from my Android phone”, “Sent from my Samsung Galaxy”, “Sent from my Verizon 4G Wireless LTE smartphone”…when it comes to emails sent from an Android device, there are many different variants of default signatures. However, every single one is pretty poor when it comes to business communications.

An Android email signature needs to make you look professional, improve interpersonal relationships, and reflect positively on your brand. None of the aforementioned examples do that.

With Android devices, you can actually use two mail apps. There is the general Email app* that can be used for most mail services and a specific Gmail one.

Create an Android email signature

To change the default signature all you need to do is the following:

  • 1. Apri l'app Email o l'app Gmail sul tuo dispositivo Android
  • 2. Vai al menu principale e fai clic su Impostazioni.
Go to Settings
  • 3. Scegli l'indirizzo email per il quale desideri modificare la firma.
Scegli l'indirizzo e-mail per la tua firma e-mail Android
  • 4. Selezionare l'impostazione Firma o Firma mobile.
Select Signature or Mobile Signature
  • 5. Modificare il testo in modo che includa le informazioni di contatto e fare clic su OK.
Write the text for your Android email signature

You now have a new Android email signature. This signature will now be automatically added to every email you send.

However, if you want to use an HTML email signature on your Android device, things get more complicated.

Unlike a desktop Gmail signature, which can include images and rich text formatting, the Gmail mobile app only supports plain text. Se provi ad aggiungere HTML alla tua firma e poi invii un'e-mail, finirai per inviare il codice HTML effettivo anziché qualsiasi collegamento o immagine.

Unfortunately, this is a common issue with using a signature in the Gmail app on Android, something that does not occur on the iOS version.

Using HTML in an Android email signature

Se stai utilizzando l'app e-mail nativa*, PUOI utilizzare HTML nella tua firma e-mail Android, ma è un processo manuale:

  • 1. Crea la tua firma e-mail in HTML.
  • 2. Copia e incolla la firma in un client di posta elettronica basato sul Web come o Gmail.
  • 3. Invia un'e-mail con la tua firma all'account che hai configurato sul tuo dispositivo Android.
  • 4. Quando apri l'e-mail sul tuo dispositivo Android, tieni premuto sul testo della firma.
  • 5. Premere Copia nella parte superiore dello schermo.
  • 6. Apri l'app e-mail nativa. Premi il pulsante Menu in alto a destra dello schermo e scegli Impostazioni.
  • 7. Selezionare Impostazioni generali nel menu Impostazioni.
  • 8. Verificare che l'impostazione Usa firma sia selezionata e quindi premere Firma.
  • 9. Tieni premuto lo schermo finché non viene visualizzata una finestra popup. Remember to remove any previous Android email signature text if you have not already done so.
  • 10. Tieni premuto lo schermo finché non viene visualizzata una finestra popup. Remember to remove any previous Android email signature text if you have not already done so.

*Be aware that some Android devices such as Samsung smartphones come with their own Email app, so the signature setup may vary.

As you can see, this is hardly an ideal way to get a professional Android email signature. From a company perspective, mobile signatures are generally difficult to manage. However, the popularity of Android (it covers 80% of the global market share) makes signature management nigh on impossible.

With so many different Android devices out there, do you really think you’ll get everyone in your company to manually copy and paste an HTML template you’ve designed? How will you deal with the variety of mail apps? And how will you monitor what signatures are going on what emails? You’re basically going to have an unmanageable and unwinnable situation on your hands.

That’s where Exclaimer comes in. With a dedicated email signature management solution, you can ensure that all Android devices that send email will have full HTML signatures, maintaining your professional image to customers wherever the email has been sent from.

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