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The Untapped Potential of Corporate Emails

An Exclaimer white paper on how you can turn your business emails into a new marketing & feedback channel

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Every industry has relied incredibly heavily on email since the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Email has been the backbone on which business has continued to operate. We might all meet on Zoom, but we transact and communicate through email in volumes never seen before.

In fact, email has fast become a key piece of real estate for customer communications. This then opens up valuable opportunities to give marketing campaigns an extra boost while increasing actionable feedback to improve customer satisfaction (CSAT) and reduce churn

What you'll get from this white paper:

  • Why reports on the “death of email” have been greatly exaggerated, with global volumes continuing to increase dramatically.
  • How rapid behavioral changes has turned email into an even more important corporate communications channel.
  • How business emails can carry targeted marketing messages and feedback opportunities more easily than other promotional channels.
  • The three main ways to bring email and feedback together in order to garner much higher customer response rates.
  • The business benefits that come from corporate email signatures and how they can open new doors for your organization.

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