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The Value of Combining Exclaimer Cloud and Customer Thermometer

Learn more about Customer Thermometer by watching our on-demand webinar, where we cover:

  • How leading companies use 1-click rating surveys within email signatures to reduce customer churn, maximize revenue, and gain competitive advantage.
  • The impact these surveys have on customer experience and driving improvements across your business.
  • The powerful KPIs and dashboards that are created using real-time, identifiable feedback.
  • How you can implement surveys in signatures designed by Exclaimer in less than 10 minutes.

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Duration: 30 minutes

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    Combine 1-click surveys with email signature management

    Optimize support and service teams’ performance

    Reduce customer churn and win more business

    Demonstrate commitment to customer/employee service

    Customer Thermometer is essential when it comes to using email signature surveys for customer engagement. A million miles from the long-winded customer surveys that hardly anyone responds to, but geared to elicit at least as much insight, leading brands use it to drive actionable feedback that improves customer satisfaction (CSAT) and reduce churn.

    Through a new integration courtesy of Exclaimer acquiring Customer Thermometer, organizations of any size can combine 1-click CSAT surveys with professional email signatures. This triggers real-time customer feedback from every corporate email sent, which can then be easily identified and responded to.

    • The ONLY email signature solution vendor that offers an “out-of-the-box” integration with Customer Thermometer.
    • Enhanced delivery of on-brand, professional and consistent surveys.
    • Fully rounded feature-set that is stronger than the competition.
    • Simple deployment of surveys straight into corporate signature templates.
    • Multiple survey designs available in Exclaimer Cloud ‘out of the box’.
    • Enriched reporting through out-of-the-box data integration.

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