Email archiving doesn’t have to break the bank. That’s why Exclaimer Mail Archiver brings all the benefits of email archiving at a sensible price for all organizations.

Watch our 4 minute video and learn how to get archiving email in under 5 minutes.

Sifting through unimportant email data is costly and you could face fines and sanctions levied by judges who are intolerant of poor eDiscovery responses.

You have a legal responsibility for your organization’s regulatory compliance, so how does that apply to email?

Email is a vital communication tool for your organization. So how can you be sure what people are saying?

As an IT administrator, you want fast, small Exchange stores that are easy to back up. Your users need email to do business, so they hate deleting anything they might need in future, which is usually everything!

Exclaimer Mail Archiver adds significant advantages for the end user:

Your team sends hundreds of emails every day that are critical to the operation of your organization, no matter what department you’re responsible for.

Looking for dedicated support videos for Mail Archiver? Visit Exclaimer Support and learn how to make your email signature software do more.

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