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Introducing the New Exclaimer Signature Appointments Power Up for Combining Meeting Links with Email Signatures

Email communication is the backbone of modern business’ communication. It’s a channel that is simple and easy to use, requiring little effort to convey messages and associated content to another party. Of course, there are times when a face-to-face meeting is preferred, but it is often difficult to enable these types of interactions as simply as sending an email.

The Exclaimer Signature Appointments Power Up makes scheduling appointments as straightforward as using any other instant communication channel. By including a link in your email signatures, recipients can access the real time availability of the sender and immediately book a meeting with a push of a button. This means no delay, no back-and-forth, just the confidence that they are scheduled in with someone who can help.

Why use appointment booking within email signatures?

There are several reasons why offering appointment booking within email signatures can have a noticeable impact on your business.

Enable simple customer action and win more business

  • Make your salespeople more accessible for customers to connect with during the sales cycle.
  • Simplify the process of booking in-product demonstrations and sales conversations.
  • Give prospects the immediate confidence that their evaluation is supported in ways they require.

Offer best in class service

  • Remove the complexity of scheduling remote assistance in an effortless and time-efficient manner customers will appreciate.
  • Instantly establish a bookable calendar for every member of your service teams.

Maximize employee efficiency and effectiveness

  • Avoid the necessary dead-time spent by staff manually arranging and scheduling appointments.
  • Reduce time wasted from missed appointments by sending both parties automated reminders.

The benefits of the Exclaimer Signature Appointments Power Up

The Exclaimer Signature Appointments Power Up has several key features that makes scheduling face-to-face meetings easier, efficient, and more effective than alternative methods.

Simple appointment booking

When both promoting and creating appointments requires effort from both your employee and the customer, it can be exceptionally difficult to include meetings as part of your customer service or sales processes.

Customers will be more willing to commit their time to interacting with your teams if they can do so easily, with little time and effort, and still can trust they’re getting best-in-class service. And when email signatures do all the work for you, you avoid depending on your staff remembering to offer meeting options as an option.

Real-time availability

It can be frustrating trying to arrange a meeting. You often find yourself going back and forth between the other party, attempting to find a time that suits you both. The Exclaimer Signature Appointments Power Up automatically connects with either the Outlook or Google calendars used by your organization to give an automatic and accurate representation of their availability.

When someone uses a booking link, they will only be offered times when your employee is free. In addition, employees can establish set times in their calendars when they are not available.

Instant confirmation

When customers take action, they need to be confident that everything is in hand. By instantly providing email confirmations for each booking made, the Exclaimer Signature Appointments Power Up affords this peace-of-mind.

Every appointment booked is also immediately created in the diary of your employee, so they have everything necessary to provide a fantastic experience.

Automated reminders

With the demands on our time, everyone can feel like they need an assistant to stay on top of things and avoid missing appointments. Though it’s easy for meetings to be forgotten, they are a source of frustration for the opposite party. Either the customer’s experience is negatively affected, and they take their business elsewhere, or employees find themselves working inefficiently, with more time spent rescheduling appointments.

The Exclaimer Signature Appointments Power Up strives to ensure that each booked session takes place as intended by sending automated email reminders to both parties.

Easy implementation

Integrating appointment booking is made effortless with the Exclaimer Signature Appointments Power Up. Where other calendaring solutions can take a lot of time and effort to set up and configure this solution gets you up and running in minutes, capable of being shared immediately within email signatures.

And while other email signature solutions may support integrating calendaring solutions manually, use of Exclaimer Signature Appointments Power Up automates much of the work involved. This leads to a solution that is less expensive and involves less manual labor.

Optimize booking usage

At Exclaimer we understand that the option to book your staff’s time is not appropriate in every situation. This is why combining appointment booking with email signature management is so effective. For example, use email signatures to assign appointment booking links to customer-facing teams only, potentially even scheduled at particular times and specific recipients.

Video conferencing integration & support

The Exclaimer Signature Appointments Power Up supports all video meeting solutions such as Zoom, Webex, and GoToMeetings and is automatically integrated with Microsoft Teams in Microsoft 365 environments. This allows you to easily establish not only in-person or phone appointments, but online as well.

Staff appointments

With the ability to create email signatures used for internal email communications, it is also possible to schedule 1-2-1 meetings with colleagues and share appointment bookings.

Try the Exclaimer Signature Appointments Power Up today

To learn more about all the powerful benefits of Exclaimer Signature Appointments Power Up and adding meeting links to professional email signatures, visit the Exclaimer Signature Appointments Power Up product page.

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