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Burris Logistics chooses Exclaimer to standardize all employee signatures in G Suite (now Google Workspace) and present the company professionally on all corporate emails.

About Burris Logistics

Burris Logistics is one of the largest food distribution companies in the United States, specializing in handling temperature-sensitive products such as fresh, perishable food. The company has been a family-owned business since 1925 with its current CEO being a 5th generation Burris family member.

Burris Logistics offers over 60 million cubic feet of freezer warehousing space in 15 strategic locations along the East Coast. Each warehouse is capable of developing custom storage and transportation programs that are uniquely designed to meet individual customer needs.

The “Wild West” of email signatures

All organizations need to use strong branding on their corporate emails. When a poorly designed email signature is viewed by a recipient, it creates negative brand connotations and looks unprofessional. When a company has employees based at multiple locations, the only way to ensure consistent email signatures is to centrally control them. There is simply no other way to get so many individuals to implement a signature template correctly.

Given the fact that Burris Logistics employs more than 2,000 people across the U.S., the task of email signature management was essentially impossible to deal with. The company needed to put a solution in place that would allow it to centrally manage all email signatures quickly, ensuring a consistent brand image on every email.

“Our email signature system was pretty much the Wild West before we started using Exclaimer Signature Managment Cloud,” said Trish Metts, Documentation & Communications Specialist at Burris Logistics. “We had a standard procedure in place when it came to updating email signatures, but lots of our staff simply did whatever they wanted, creating templates that were creatively not on-brand.”

Taking control of an unmanaged channel

In 2018, Burris Logistics had acquired an Iowa-based freight organization called Streamline Logistics. Streamline Logistics happened to be an Exclaimer customer and had been using its solution to control its brand over email.

“We could clearly see how awesome the email signatures that Streamline Logistics were using when we acquired them,” stated Ms. Metts. “We immediately made the decision to use Exclaimer at Burris Logistics in order to standardize our templates.”

However, before rolling Exclaimer out to all employees, it was decided to trial the solution on a smaller subset of users. This was due to the nature of how Burris Logistics operates as a business.

Ms. Metts explained; “As we are a Google shop, we wanted to make sure that implementing Exclaimer wouldn’t impact on our day-to-day operation. With this in mind, we decided to set things up a bit differently by licensing Exclaimer to 500 users at first. This meant that we needed help from Exclaimer to set everything up so that it was specific to our needs.

“Throughout the whole implementation process, we received the most excellent support. With just a phone call or an email, we were able to get any help we needed, making the whole process seamless."

Once the trial process was completed, it was clear that Exclaimer had been more than successful when it came to standardizing email signature templates for the test users. It was quickly decided that Burris Logistics would license Exclaimer to all of its users, giving everyone a much more professional look when communicating over email.

“We have three very distinct brands that represent our company,” continued Ms. Metts. “With Exclaimer, everybody would get the right logo automatically. I also really liked the fact that if we had a special event, we were easily able to add a really striking, professionally designed banner to everyone’s emails to promote it.

“A good example was when we opened a brand-new warehouse on the East Coast. Thanks to Exclaimer, we were easily able to use our email signatures to shout about this to our customers easily.”

Setup for success

With everything implemented and running successfully, Burris Logistics have been able to ensure its brand is no longer compromised over corporate email. What had been a difficult process to manage internally was now became incredibly simple in its implementation and execution.

Ms. Metts concluded; “Once you’ve setup Exclaimer, you can update signatures with one click and you’re good to go. It takes away all of the pains of trying to ask your users to include specific things in their email signature like banners.

“Exclaimer has truly made my life easier when it comes to controlling our employees’ email signature. I’m so proud of the way we can now express ourselves to the outside world and to our internal customers thanks to this solution. We really do see Exclaimer as a valuable tool in letting our customers know that we’re always here to service their frozen food and logistics needs.”

Burris Logistics

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Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud

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Trish Metts Documentation & Communications Specialist

The challenge
  • Inconsistent email signatures were being used across the whole company
  • Employees struggled to follow standard email signature procedures
  • Unprofessional templates were sent to external customers and other business stakeholders
The solution
  • Implementation of Exclaimer’s email signature solution to certain users and then companywide
  • Professional assistance from the Exclaimer Support Team
The benefits
  • All email signatures controlled centrally with no inconsistencies
  • The ability to utilize different signature designs for three
  • A new channel to promote marketing activities like webinars

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