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UR needed an email signature management solution that worked with Office 365 (now Microsoft 365). See why they chose Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud.

About Sveriges Utbildningsradio

Sveriges Utbildningsradio, also known as UR (Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company), is part of the public service broadcasting group in Sweden. The organization provides educational programming, available on both radio and television.

UR prides itself on creating educational content to help support the work of teachers, students and parents who are active in education. It has over 11,000 TV and radio programmes readily available for its audience.

Looking for an Office 365 signature solution

For companies migrating to Office 365, their options for manually setting up company-wide email signatures are very limited using the disclaimer function in the Office 365 portal. This is often quite a lengthy task, particularly for companies with lots of Office 365 users, as it involves setting up multiple Transport Rules and the disclaimer function is not designed to apply full HTML signatures. Sveriges Utbildningsradio needed to find an email signature management solution that would make the process simpler after migrating to Microsoft 365.

“We were in the process of migrating our mailboxes to Microsoft 365 and needed a supporting email signature solution,” said Peter Horvath, IT Technician at Sveriges Utbildningsradio. “We were already using a solution for managing email signatures, but it did not have any support for Microsoft 365.”

Testing email signature designs

“We found out about Exclaimer after an online search for a Office 365 signature solution. Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud had all of the features we needed, so we began a free trial,” said Mr Horvath.

“We tested a few signature designs that would work with the company logo, and then passed our final design to the Exclaimer Signature Design team to create, who did a great job,” stated Mr Horvath. “We had the service fully setup within 30 minutes after receiving the signature template from the Design team.”

A successful experience

After the success of trialling Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud, UR decided to continue using the solution to manage their company’s email signatures. “Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud met my expectations and exceeded them,” concluded Mr Horvath. “Sveriges Utbildningsradio can now apply Office 365 signatures to all of our users with an easy to use and fast responding solution.”



Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud


Simplify Email Signature Management
Ensure Brand Consistency

Peter Horvath IT Technician

The challenge
  • Needed an email signature solution that worked with Office 365
The solution
  • Choosing Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud to ensure consistent email signatures with corporate branding
  • Utilizing the Exclaimer Signature Design service to replicate existing signature designs
The benefits
  • Continued email signature management in Office 365

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