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SIELCO is a managed IT services provider based in Lombardy, Italy. The business was founded in 1977 and has grown to support an impressive client base of small- and medium-sized businesses. SIELCO offers a range of hardware and software products with specialist technical support from its expert IT team.

The business now employs around 70 specialist technicians and IT professionals, and the team is fueled by a passion for innovation, simplicity, sustainability, and customer orientation – always searching for new ways to help its clients expand their technology offerings.

“Exclaimer gives us and our clients complete control over our email signatures – saving our teams valuable time managing our brand identity and protecting us against legal challenges” – Luca Ercoli, Presales and Innovation Director at SIELCO

Speeding up the process

SIELCO reached out to Exclaimer when it was experiencing challenges in managing company-wide email signatures.

There were concerns among the SIELCO team that individual employees were editing and formatting their own signatures, with customized designs not being checked with the compliance team before being sent out. This risked key information being missed and costing SIELCO legal action or reputational damage.

As a result, much of the team’s time was spent manually checking email signatures, rather than focusing on beneficial business tasks. When SIELCO began searching for an intuitive, cost-effective solution, Exclaimer’s global reputation was an attractive proposition.

Luca Ercoli, Presales and Innovation Director at SIELCO explained how Exclaimer’s services helped the team save time on email signature management day-to-day: “Things are completely different now. Our email signatures were difficult to manage at scale; individual users could edit and customize signatures, and our IT department was spending too much time checking outgoing signature templates”.

“With Exclaimer, we now have a centralized design. We can control email signatures remotely, and we’re able to customize signatures to reflect our latest brand messaging and legal disclaimers. This is especially useful when incorporating marketing messaging”.

A centralized solution

A priority for the SIELCO team was finding a comprehensive solution that solved as many issues as possible in a single easy-to-use package. After hearing about Exclaimer through word of mouth and being further impressed by its online presence, SIELCO enquired about how Exclaimer’s solutions could work for them.

And this turned into to be a fruitful partnership, as Luca Ercoli explains:

“It’s now so easy to manage all aspects of our email signatures, including elements like social media icons, promotional banners, and legal disclaimers – it can all be done in one intuitive platform.”

And after channeling so many resources into manually overseeing email signatures, Exclaimer’s solution has allowed SIELCO to spend more time supporting its clients and focusing on growth tasks.

Luca continued: “The solution is incredibly easy to use, it was quick to implement, and there was no need for on-site installation, meaning we could get started faster. And Exclaimer’s support team are always incredibly responsive”.

Branching out

SIELCO’s journey with Exclaimer has since grown from strength to strength. As well as using Exclaimer’s solutions to centrally manage email signatures within its own organization, SIELCO is also a managed service provider (MSP) of Exclaimer for its clients.

SIELCO currently supports almost 3,000 users across 20 clients – solving key efficiency challenges in the implementation of email signatures and helping them take advantage of the benefits of a cloud-based email signature solution.

And SIELCO’s next project is to use email signatures as part of its marketing efforts: “We plan on using Exclaimer’s 1-click survey feature to improve our marketing efforts. Using this tool, we can get direct feedback from our client base, find out which areas we can improve on in the future, and action suggestions as quickly as possible.”

In addition to uncovering the full potential of email signatures, SIELCO has also been impressed with Exclaimer’s Customer Success Team and the quality of aftercare provided.

Luca Ercoli concluded by saying: “Exclaimer is always happy to help, providing detailed answers in a timely and professional manner. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Exclaimer going forward”.


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Luca Ercoli Presales and Innovation Director

The challenge
  • Email signatures were difficult to manage at scale
  • Signatures lacked guidelines and uniformity, leading to legal and reputational concerns
  • IT departments spending considerable time managing signatures manually
The solution
  • Centralized management of signatures through Exclaimer’s solution
  • Remote assistance from Exclaimer’s support team
  • Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud
  • Exclaimer Partner Network
The benefits
  • Consistent email signatures, eliminating branding and legal challenges
  • IT department relieved of time-consuming manual email signature management tasks – improving efficiency
  • Compliant email signatures, centrally managed and automated across all employees

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