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Outlook Photos

Easily add photos to Outlook, SharePoint, and Skype for Business


Exclaimer Outlook Photos is a free product. There's no requirement to license it and we withhold no functionality from the product you download – it's not a free version of the product: the only version is always free.

Add photos to the Outlook People Pane, a SharePoint profile, and on Skype for Business.

We auto-match pictures to names or other data in the Active Directory – matching the user 'Karen Green' with her photo in 'KarenGreen.jpg' so you don't have to.

Don't worry if your photos aren't the right size, we'll automatically crop and center them so you get the right content and the right sized photos.

And it's not just about importing, our familiar and intuitive interface lets you browse everyone's photo and filter for different containers in your AD so you're not overwhelmed if you work in a large organization.

It's been a breeze to work with - extremely user friendly
Alexis van Reenan Fairheads Benefit Services

Get People's Pictures in Outbound Email

Outlook Photos can only add photos to your AD – so someone outside your organization, on a different network altogether, won't be able to see your photo in the Outlook People Pane.

And best of all, you can set rules to decide which emails display photos – so your customer facing staff show a photo but your IT people don't.

Outlook pulls the photos from each user's Active Directory 'thumbnailphoto' field - and we can batch-import all your photos to that field, for all users, in seconds.Give Microsoft's fastest growing unified communication platform a social spin too – with photos next to the user's name in conversations and next to their entry in the contacts list.A 'KarenGreen.jpg' would automatically match to Karen Green's profile, for example, or you can match based on other Active Directory data, not just names – like employee IDs.

And There's No Charge

There's no requirement to license it and we withhold no functionality from the product you download – it's not a free version: the only version is always free.

Whether they're in a 100,000-user tech giant or a 20-person consultancy, thousands of admins worldwide have relied on Outlook Photos to add photos in the AD.

Awesome Product, Thank You!
Artur Sot Personalization Mall

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