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Cards Technology is a managed IT services provider based in Maryland, USA. Founded in 2000 by Sam Card, the business began in computer repair and selling custom-built systems. It has since grown to offer a complete range of managed IT services.

Client becomes partner

Cards Technology has been a long-term partner with Exclaimer ever since they worked together to solve its problem with inconsistent email signatures. Sam Card, Founder and CEO at Cards Technology, commented on the beginning of the relationship:

“While we initially used Exclaimer’s email signature solution, Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud, internally to manage and monitor employee signatures, we soon realized the value in providing this product offering to our clients too. “Cards Technology now works with Exclaimer as a managed service provider, and the product is a key differentiator for us – allowing us to solve client challenges in a way many of our competitors can’t.”

Exclaimer’s email signature solution is now part of Cards Technology’s standard stack, with clients able to sign-up easily and pay per seat.

Cards Technology currently bills hundreds of seats across its client accounts, in a range of industries including healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, non-profits, and even schools.

Adding value for end-users

The biggest pain point for many of Sam Card’s clients is struggling to make the most of the benefits of their Microsoft 365 suite. Now, however, these businesses are reaping the rewards as part of Cards Technology’s standard stack.

And Sam relishes helping Cards Technology’s end-users address these challenges:

“Our managed services are designed to make our customers’ lives easier, so they can focus on their business. And Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud plays a key role in this, allowing our clients to customize and control company-wide email signatures.

“At the same time, Exclaimer’s solution allows our customers to meet more specific challenges. For example, email disclaimers are crucial for many of our clients – especially those in healthcare who must meet HIPAA regulations – and Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud makes this effortless.

“Similarly, some of our clients run annual conferences, which they link to in their email signature in the lead-up. This proves an effective marketing tool in driving registrations.”

Helpful and hassle-free

In addition to helping Cards Technology solve many of its clients’ problems, Sam Card was also pleased with how quickly Exclaimer addressed the minor challenges in their relationship.

Not only was Exclaimer quick to remedy initial teething issues in its billing process but Cards Technology was also able to secure a better price as a result of the number of seats it sells. However, it’s not just the finance department that benefits from the relationship.
When it comes to feedback from the Cards Technology team, Sam recalled: “I’ve never had any complaints from my team when it comes to working with Exclaimer, and the same can be said for our clients. There have never been any headaches or challenges.”

And it’s this straightforward experience that has benefitted Cards Technology and its clients. Exclaimer gives Sam “one less thing to worry about” in his own operations, allowing him to oversee company-wide email signature content and manage brand perceptions more closely.

For Cards Technology’s clients, it seems these benefits aren’t appreciated until they’re gone, with Sam noting several ex-clients have since invested in Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud independently. “While Microsoft 365 offers a basic transport rule, it doesn’t match the features and capabilities of the Exclaimer email signature solution.

A partnership for the present... and the future

Part of what has helped the working partnership to thrive has been the personal relationship between Cards Technology and Exclaimer – especially when it comes to communication: “Our account manager has always been very helpful and friendly, reaching out once in a while to see how we’re getting on – but not in a way that is annoying or too much. This is refreshing compared with some suppliers who fill up my calendar without delivering many benefits.”

Sam also highlighted Exclaimer’s flexibility and commitment to the relationship, remarking on how easy the team is to work with and was keen to wish Exclaimer well, commenting: “I look forward to continuing to work with Exclaimer and following its journey and progression”.



United States

Sam Card Founder and CEO

The challenge
  • Employees using inconsistent email signatures
  • Clients not making the most of their Microsoft 365 suite
  • Client email communications needing to meet industry regulations such as HIPAA
The solution
  • Rollout of Exclaimer’s email signature solution within Cards Technology
  • Offering Exclaimer’s email signature solution to clients as part of a standard stack
  • Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud
  • Exclaimer Partner Network
The benefits
  • Business and its clients able to customize and control companywide email signatures
  • Clients confident of using compliant email signatures
  • Clients able to turn email signature content into an effective marketing strategy

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