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Managed service provider eNerds™ discusses why it became an Exclaimer Partner so it could offer an email signature solution to its clients.

About eNerds™

From its humble beginnings in 2000 and with a goal to innovate and improve the way IT services are provided to small and medium businesses, eNerds has grown from an organization founded by two brothers to one of Australia’s premier managed service providers.

With over 40 employees based in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and an additional back office network setup operation in Sri Lanka, the company provides a range of 24/7 services from consulting, cloud services, IT support, internet and procurement. The winner of the SMB Partner of the Year award in the ARN IT Industry Awards for 3 years in a row, eNerds is recognized by its peers as a leader in the IT service provider space.

A gap in the market

Before deciding to sell Exclaimer solutions, eNerds had been receiving numerous requests from its clients surrounding email signature management. Every company, regardless of vertical or size, will encounter the same issues when it comes to ensuring every user has the same uniform email signature design. In an age where over half of all emails are opened on mobile devices, it is very difficult to quickly and easily update signatures when sending from any device without the use of a third-party solution.

“Our partnership with Exclaimer originally began at a time when most of our clients were predominantly using on-premises Exchange and we saw a gap in the market for using an email signature solution,” said Tristan Warner, CEO and Co-Founder of eNerds. “As a managed service provider, we would often get asked by our clients to design and create corporate email signatures for them, which was not a task we wanted to do manually. With this in mind, we decided to search for a dedicated third-party solution and found there was a terrific product for Exchange out there by Exclaimer.”

The shift to the cloud

Since becoming an Exclaimer Partner over 10 years ago, the IT industry has seen a major shift from on-premises architecture to the cloud, particularly with the uptake of Office 365. “As many of our clients migrated to Office 365, they obviously wanted to retain the services eNerds had been providing them with, which included being easily able to manage corporate email signatures,” described Mr Warner. “We were therefore very happy to see that Exclaimer had put a lot of time, research and development into creating an email signature solution specifically for the cloud.”

“A big thing for us, as a managed service provider, is that we aim to better empower our clients to manage their own environments rather than always taking on requests ourselves,” he continued. “With Exclaimer, it makes it very easy for our clients to make ad hoc changes to signatures as and when they need to. For example, it’s very common at Christmas for companies to want to put some seasonal imagery in their email signature banners, which literally just takes a few clicks to implement when using what Exclaimer has to offer.”

Selling Exclaimer’s solutions also offers eNerds valuable upsell opportunities on every client order. This fits in perfectly with the way it sells Office 365 licensing through Microsoft’s CSP program. “As most of our clients have been with us for many years, we tend to offer Exclaimer as an additional monthly service,” explained Mr Warner. “This provides a great upsell on each order which we just include as an extra line item on the client’s monthly invoice.”

A beneficial partnership

After more than a decade, eNerds truly sees the value in what Exclaimer’s email signature management solutions offers its clients and values what the partnership has done for its business. “When you see support requests coming through for manual tasks related to Outlook signatures, it makes you a far more efficient business to be able to put a solution like Exclaimer’s in place and essentially automate what would otherwise be alaborious task,” concludes Mr Warner.

“A lot of IT professionals still only know about the manual methods available to them concerning email signature management, and don’t necessarily know there are third-party solutions out there to make this an automated process. Being an Exclaimer Partner provides us with an additional revenue stream, the selling process is quite straight-forward and teaching customers how to use it is simple. As a managed service provider, Exclaimer basically makes our lives easier.”




Tristan Warner CEO and Co-Founder

The challenge
  • Customers needing bespoke email signature templates to be built
  • Being unable to create designs without using manual methods in Microsoft Exchange or Office 365
The solution
  • Implementation of Exclaimer’s Exchange email signature solution and then the Office 365 version for its customers
  • Joining the Exclaimer Partner Network
The benefits
  • Bundling Exclaimer solutions with sales of Office 365
  • Offering Exclaimer as an additional monthly service and getting an additional revenue stream

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