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OSH.CO.ZA showcases why it became an Exclaimer Partner and how it has differentiated itself as a Partner of choice in South Africa.

About is a specialist technology company in South Africa that delivers cloud-focused security and productivity solutions. The organization’s aim is to ensure that customers have a thorough understanding of the capabilities of the products it offers. It places a strong emphasis on education and consideration for all the elements that comprise a working digital environment and network. This all guarantees that they are being fully utilized, which avoids redundancy and secures effective deployments. To achieve this, delivers in-depth demonstrations, methodical training, logical rollouts and superior support.

“It is our belief that when technology is used intelligently it enhances our humanity,” stated Cathleen Ogier, Co-Founder and Managing Director of “It not only allows us to be more effective and enable better engagement with our customers, but to do so with unique personality. IT is a modern industry, but too often we encounter old and traditional mindsets. embodies a modern company with a digital intelligence.

“Communication is an inherently human characteristic and need. Effective communication is a skill. Exclaimer facilitates effective, engaging, impactful communication for companies – micro to enterprise level. Although the industry term and label, reseller is accurate, at we consider ourselves to be brand ambassadors. We are enthusiastic about the importance and results our products offer.

“We are not in the business of selling products, but rather in the business of resolving frustrations, meeting needs and educating customers that there are products that really are solutions to their problems. “This is why our emphasis is on education and content. Our message, culture, and creed is shared in all our content, and we’re not afraid to be human. We are authentically ourselves so that our clients know what to expect when they engage with us – real people with in-depth knowledge and real solutions.”

Becoming an Exclaimer Partner

“We knew from personal experience the frustration and time-consuming task of dealing with PowerShell scripts to manage email signatures,” Paul Ogier, Co-Founder and Technical Director of said. “Our clients had been very frustrated by non-standardized branding in corporate email and the lack of access to a quality email signature solution across different devices and cloud solutions.

“So, back in 2011, when our research and investigation led us to easy to deploy, user-friendly solutions from Exclaimer that would work across all devices and cloud platforms, we were immediately sold. We chose to partner with Exclaimer because they’ve developed the best product in the market with exceptional stability and usability. And their cloud signature product works perfectly on Office 365 and Google Workspace.

“Our partnership with Exclaimer continues to be a natural fit for us because it meets our criteria for any product in our offering: cloud based, resource efficient, industry leading and provides more “bang for your buck”.”

Offering the perfect solution

Paul continued; “Our favorite features of Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud are the painless, intuitive design functionality and the integration and control it gives both technical and marketing and communications departments. “Clients enjoy the easy remote management of signatures of this stable and reliable product. Engaging, impactful, and measurable marketing efforts are another popular reason clients love this product.”

As a company that is a G Suite reseller and one that offers G Suite training under its Taming.Tech brand on Udemy, was able to differentiate itself as an Exclaimer Partner of choice when it figured out how to deploy email signatures for aliases within Exclaimer’s solutions.

And when Exclaimer updated its Partner Program in 2021, proactively decided to obtain the new accreditations available.

“We have always offered a selection of signature designs to our clients to assist them with seamless adoption,” explained Paul. “So we were delighted when Exclaimer introduced the ‘Certified Exclaimer Signature Design’ accreditation. This sits very nicely next to our ‘Most Proactive Exclaimer Partner in SA 2021’ award. “We have further differentiated ourselves with our Exclaimer Platinum Partner status, which provides prospective clients with the assurance that should be their partner of choice.”

A powerful & exciting partnership has seen its partnership with Exclaimer been cemented thanks to Exclaimer’s simple, effective, measurable tools, exceptional after sales support, and technical knowledge. This constant innovation and flexibility has allowed to deploy Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud across many industries.

“In our experience, there’s a difference between having a long relationship and a strong relationship,” Paul concluded. “For us, Exclaimer definitely falls in the strong relationship category because they focus on all business units, not just technical, which mirrors our approach.

“Exclaimer’s responsiveness, recent acquisitions and innovation have imbued our relationship with energy and excitement. Partnering with Exclaimer has meant we can offer a top-tier product that effectively uses the digital real estate of corporate email, standardizing communications across a dispersed work force, while meeting ISO 27001, data, and security protection protocols.

“We are looking forward to continued growth through our partnership with Exclaimer by being able to provide our clients with a richer, integrated offering. And with the launch of Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud and the new Power Ups, we are excited about offering calendar scheduling, market analytics, A/B testing, and CSAT feedback to our customers.”



South Africa

Paul Ogier Co-Founder and Technical Director

The challenge
  • Customers struggling with brand inconsistency on corporate emails
  • Creating email signatures using PowerShell was too time-consuming
  • No email signature solution in its product portfolio
The solution
  • Centralized design and management of email signatures
  • Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud
  • Exclaimer Partner Network
The benefits
  • Consistent email signatures on all devices without having to rely on manual methods
  • Becoming a top tier Exclaimer Partner
  • Winning the ‘Most Proactive Partner in SA 2021’ award

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